Company : ELAP S.P.A.

Category : Test and Measurement

Key Products : PLC Controllers, Linear Motion Potentiometers

Linear Wire Encoder

Stout, easy to install, high protected against environmental agents: the linear wire encoders series HLS are the idal solution for those industrial applications which require high accuracy and measuring length up to 12m. the three versions HLS-S, HLS-M, and HLS-L differ from mechanical dimensions and strokes.

Linear Potentiometers with Analogue Output

The buffer circuit can be coupled to any potentiometer with impedance value ≥ 500 Ohm. The potentiometer signal is properly operated through the AD buffer and made available for the capture device.

Linear Motion Potentiometers

Linear motion potentiometers series PL2S change mechanical linear motions into the corresponding electrical signals. Accurate, stout and reliable, they solve any problem linked to measuring and positioning control on any kind of industrial machine. Ball joints are provided at both ends for air fixing, which allows to compensate slight mis-alignements in the applications.