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Bühler Technologies GmbH is the specialist for level & temperature control, coolers, filtration and gas analysis. The foundation was laid in 1969 at Ratingen as a commercial agency for PUROLATOR Industriefilter, BEHR Industriekühler and BELL Verschraubungen, as well as the construction of level control and water alarm units for hydraulic systems.


In 1976, centralisation of both commercial operations took place and the change of name to BÜHLER Mess- und Regeltechnik GmbH & Co. KG; extension of the branch in Engen. Bühler Technologies has acquired all shares by Herbert Bühler during 1983/84. A representative agency in Beijing, China was established in 2005. Later the company name was changed to BÜHLER Technologies GmbH and selling activities got centralised in the USA and BUHLER Technologies LLC was launched in Rochester Hills, Michigan. In the year 2008, the second factory opened near the headquarters in Ratingen Tiefenbroich that followed by a representative office establishment in Moscow and Russia.  



Today Bühler Technologies is a small independent operation with highly motivated and specialised employees and global activities. The location close to Düsseldorf airport gives us fast access to all industrialised areas around the globe. While, Bühler Technologies has been approved by Lloyd's Register Quality Assurance Quality Management System Standards “DIN EN ISO 9001:2008.”


In addition to our selling agencies in China and USA Bühler Technologies keep in touch with customers through representative agencies in all important industrialised countries.


Gas Sample Probes

Bühler’s sample Gas Probes are the best solutions if cost effective installation and low operational cost are a concern. Quality, reliability and low operation cost have been the main targets for the development of Gas Probes programme and the outstanding result is that the modular design allows application specific combinations in a very price effective manner. 

The GAS 222 series of Gas Probes provides "down to earth" solutions based on advanced modular designs. Depending on the application, a variety of heated or unheated base units can be combined with in-situ or downstream filters. The filter material can be chosen from sintered ceramic to sintered stainless steel or even pleated stainless steel. Filters with large surfaces provide long life time. For the in-situ filters a highly efficient blowback system is available at reasonable cost.

The Gas Probes ECO series covers a broad range of applications with high dust loads but do not require heating. The directly attached blowback devices plus a variety of filter elements with large surface areas are the features of these probes. While, the Gas Probes APO series provides professional material for simple applications. Sample Gas Probes with DIN Flange and with ANSI Flange at a wide range of combinations are also available.

Reliable Sample Gas Pumps

The Gas Pumps are for the transportation of sample gas in sample conditioning systems that require very reliable sample gas pumps. The gas pumps are equipped with a bellow made of solid PTFE which has proven its reliability and long lifetime in numerous applications. If the gas pumps head is pointed downwards the pump is able to pump sample gas with condensate contents.

Bühler Technologies has a special flange design makes the P2.4 and P2.84 pumps suitable for hot applications i.e. the flange is designed of two parts, one -carrying the pump head can be installed into a heated cabinet and the other part carrying the electrical motor is flanged to the outside of the cabinet keeping the motor in ambient conditions.

Sample Gas Coolers

Bühler Technologies Gas Pre Cooler TS10 is equipped with a cooling block in which heat exchangers are inserted. These heat exchangers are available in materials like stainless steel, duran glass or PVDF, with one or two individual gas paths. The temperature of the cooling block is regulated by the Bühler constant control system providing a very stable dew point even under varying ambient conditions. The Gas Pre Cooler TS10 is maintenance free.

While, the coolers product range includes from hazardous areas (Atex Zone 1 and 2) and water cooled heat exchangers. For condensate removal either peristaltic pumps or automatic condensate drains are available. High energy efficiency is a major concern, modern calculation methods and system design is an inevitable priority at Bühler Technologies.  

The Gas Pre Cooler TS10 is

  • A pre cooler for samples with high load of humidity upstream of the main cooler
  • It requires low maintenance
  • It is very easy to install
  • Gas Pre Cooler TS10 has a Integrated condensate pump

Sample Portable Gas Conditioning

Conditioning Systems must deliver continuously reliable process data even under varying ambient and/ or process conditions. So, every kind of gas analysis, either fairly straight forward single component analysis or complex multi component process gas analysis require application specific sample gas conditioning systems.

Bühler delivers modular designed prefabricated systems like Portable Gas Conditioning System TGAK 3, as mobile or stationary stand alone or 19” rack mount solutions and assists in planning application specific gas analysis systems on panels, in cubicles or analyser shelter.

The Portable Gas Conditioning System TGAK 3 is a

  • Light compact system in a small case
  • Fail safe operation

Portable Gas Analyser

Bühler offers optical, paramagnetic and zirconium technologies as well as tuned diode laser (TDL) gas analysers like NDIR Gas Analyzer - Single or Dual Channel Version BA 6000 IR. Because, a broad range of applications like boiler trim, emission monitoring, ammonia slip monitoring, combustion efficiency, LEL warning indication or inner atmosphere control require analysers with different measuring principles.

The NDIR Gas Analyzer - Single or Dual Channel Version BA 6000 IR is for

  • Mulitcomponent analysis
  • Especially for trace analysis
  • 0-10 vpm CO; 0-5 vpm CO2
  • NDIR optical bench in combination with O2 paramagnetic cell possible
  • TÜV approved according to 17. BimSchV
  • Autoranging

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