Company : First Sensor AG

Category : Sensing Instruments and Sensors

Key Products : Radiation Sensors, Optical Sensors, Rugged HDR OEM cameras, Liquid Level Sensors

Radiation sensor

The Series X from First Sensor features optimized silicon PIN photodiodes, which form wide, fully depleted space-charge regions even at low reverse voltages in order to guarantee the maximum absorption of radiation.

Pressures Sensor Solutions

First Sensor develops and manufactures a large selection of highly accurate and reliable pressure sensors and pressure transmitters for air, gas and liquids. The sensors either provide basic mV signals or fully signal conditioned analog or digital outputs.

Optical sensors

First Sensor develops and manufactures a large selection of photodetectors with high-sensitivity, high-speed, and low-dark-current which can be adapted to your specific requirements. Our sensors are optimized for ultraviolet, visible, or infrared light as well as ionizing radiation.

Liquid level sensors

Fluid level control sounds quite easy but can turn into a demanding sensor application problem if movement, foaming, or media and container issues come into play. To reliably monitor the liquid level in tanks or containers, First Sensor offers a range of different sensor technologies.

MEMS inertial sensors

First Sensor features a highly innovative technology platform for manufacturing high-precision inertial sensors for geoengineering, condition monitoring or navigation applications. The MEMS sensors allow for flexible customization to fit your individual application requirements.

Flow Sensor Solutions

Our thermal mass flow sensors record even smallest flows fast and with high precision. Within a modular technology platform First Sensor provides complete packaging technologies so as to realize complex custom specific solutions from individual chip elements.

Customized sensors and senor systems

Customized multi-sensor modules, manifolds, and plug-and-play solutions from First Sensor allow you as a medical device manufacturer to shorten your design cycle, save development costs and achieve competitive advantages as well as fast innovations to the market.

Rugged HDR OEM cameras

Our rugged and compact cameras withstand the toughest conditions: cold, heat or permanent vibrations to name only a few. At First Sensor the complete assembly process is under one roof - from the processing of the sensor chip to the finishing of the camera system.

Sensor solutions for the automobile and vehicle industry

In the Mobility Business Unit, First Sensor develops and manufactures innovative pressure sensors and cameras for the automobile and vehicle industry designed to withstand the toughest conditions: cold, heat or continuous vibrations. We have the technology, capacity and experience to adapt and optimize our sensors to your individual requirements and markets.

Sensor solutions for medical technology

Sensors play an ever more important role in medical technology with the aim of making medical devices even more effective and safer, while simplifying their operation. As a long-standing manufacturer and supplier of sensor system solutions for medical technology, we understand your applications.

Sensor solutions for industry

Sensors in industrial applications reveal the entire spectrum of parameters covered - light, radiation, pressure, flow, level, or acceleration. In this respect, sensors often form the core element in their products and solutions and have a decisive influence on the quality, economic efficiency, and safety of the application by controlling key process parameters.