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Traversing a time and distance of over three decades, DIS Sensors has carved a niche for itself through an impeccable reputation in the domain of quality sensor technology.

The organization boasts of a state-of-the-art in-house laboratory fully endowed to craft, conceive as well as create sensors of supreme quality alongside an extensive Research and Development team.

The Production department facilitates the final product which is then systematically exported across twenty countries dispersed on the globe through a meticulously contrived network of distributors.

DIS Sensors’ core values postulate a great deal of faith in innovation as well as know-how. This in turn translates into the generation of efficient products and solutions of unsurpassed quality, serving the global market in its entirety.

With a portfolio outlining a wide array of products and service, DIS Sensors produces versatile sensors which perform a multitude of functions like measuring inclination, vibration and acceleration alongside rotary encoders and inductive proximity sensors.

DIS Sensors also branch into the domain of home automation by facilitating systems for adjustable furniture. In addition to this, they are also employed by the medical sector for practitioner devices. Although available as customary standard products, the aforementioned systems can be customised in accordance with unique requirements and needs.

Thus DIS Sensors are extremely adaptable in nature with application lying within the realms of medical appliances, material handling, mobile machines, cranes, wind turbines etc.

Below is a list of categories into which DIS Sensors’ products are classified:


Inclination Sensors

The inclination sensors of DIS Sensors measures angles in 1 or 2 axes. These products are based on robust MEMS technology, in which capacitance differences can be converted into an analogue voltage within a micro-mechanical sensor chip. This analogue voltage is proportional to the angle to which the sensor is exposed. The modular design makes it easy to adapt the sensors to specific requirements.

An inclination sensor is used in situations where accurate positioning or constant monitoring of the angle in relation to gravitational pull is essential. The sensor output is always a combination of these two components. Our inclination sensors have a standard bandwidth of 10 Hz, although it is possible to reduce this bandwidth further at your request.


  • Tilt protection for cranes and platforms
  • Agricultural machinery
  • Platform levelling


MEMS Acceleration Sensors

The acceleration sensors of DIS Sensors measure acceleration in 1, 2 or 3 axes. These products are also founded upon the MEMS technology. The modular design makes it easy to adapt the sensors to specific requirements. The housing is available in metal (aluminium and stainless steel), as well as in plastic.

DIS acceleration sensors have a higher bandwidth than inclination sensors so they can measure faster movements with very high accuracy.


  • Active vibration damping
  • Vibration measurements
  • Transport monitoring
  • Compensating vibrations at load cells
  • Preventive maintenance
  • Maximum vibration monitoring of wind turbines


Tilt Switches

A tilt switch is a type of switch that switches at a certain angle as compared to the horizon (similar to the old mercury switch). It is in fact an inclinometer with a switching output. Since gravity serves as a reference (same as for inclinometers) and because of the possibility to mount the sensor anywhere, maximum mounting freedom is achieved.

The new generation of tilt switches from DIS Sensors is based on MEMS technology and intelligent microcontroller algorithms. As a result, single or twin axis switches can be implemented with any desired switching angle. The output can be NPN or PNP. An internal buzzer is available as an option. All in a QG40 housing. Even more accurate tilt switches with higher thermal stability can be executed using the QG65 housing.


  • Signalling valve positions
  • Maximum tilt security


Rotary Encoders

The rotary encoders of DIS Sensors enable contact-free measurement of an angular displacement from 0° to 360° without a mechanical stop. These sensors are available in two types of housing:


In the QR30 range, the sensor and magnet are mounted separately from each other. The maximum distance of 3 mm between the magnet and the sensor provides sufficient space for mechanical tolerances under extreme conditions. Various outputs are available with a 10 or 12-bit resolution.

The QR30-series is available as absolute or incremental rotary encoders. An absolute rotary encoder contains an analog output which is linear with the angle of rotation, up to 360° whereas an incremental encoder is especially suitable for rotational velocity of a shaft.


In contrast to the QR30 series, in the QR40 series of rotary encoders the magnet is built into the sensor. The QR40 also has a zero-input, which makes it possible to zero the device after installation, ensuring a non-critical mounting procedure.


  • Agricultural machinery
  • Excavators
  • Valve control


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