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BlueSens Gas Sensor GmbH

BlueSens gas sensor GmbH develops and markets gas analyzers for bioprocesses. The sensors are installed in the fermenter and the measurement and logging of vital gases (e.g.: O2/CO2, EtOH, CH4) in real-time helps to understand and to optimize the metabolic processes. The field of application covers every scale from the pilot to the industrial scale.


Gas analyzer for cell growth

BlueInOne Cell - CO2/O2 gas analyzer for cell growth processes

Combined CO2/O2  gas analyzers, BlueInOne, can be installed directly in the exhaust flow of the bioprocess and measures the concentration of CO2 and O2 there in real-time. The BlueInOne automatically compensates any fluctuations of pressure and humidity in the system. The readings are therefore extremely accurate even under fluctuating measuring conditions. The BlueInOneseries is currently comprised of two different models, the BlueInOneFerm and the BlueInOneCell. The BlueInOneFerm is designed to analyze fermentation processes, while the BlueInOneCells is primarily designed for studying cell growth processes. The analyzers are, of course, also suitable for other applications.

Sensors for bioprocesses

BCP-CO2 sensors for bioprocesses

CO2 sensors for bioprocesses (BCP-CO2) are a modern in-situ gas sensor for the analysis of CO2 in bioprocessing.

This sensor assists you to control these processes better. The BCP-CO2 lends itself as ideal sensor for implementation in fermenters and bioreactors. No matter whether for stainless steel fermenters or disposables - this device is always the right choice. Due to the favorable price the BCP-CO2 is particularly suited for use in parallel bioreactors. The compact sensors of the range BCP-CO2 can be integrated without any problems directly in the gas line. With their sturdy casing and sound technology the sensors have proven to be extremely reliable. The low-maintenance sensor excels with its very low operating costs.

CO2 sensors for bioprocesses (BCP-CO2) help, for instance, to optimise the operation of bio-processing online. The CO2 content can be determined directly, locally with this CO2 analyzers, no matter what the throughput volume is.

Oxygen analyzer sensors

BCP-O2 Oxygen analyzer sensors for bioprocesses

O2 sensors for bioprocesses (BCP-O2) are an in-situ gas sensor for the analysis of oxygen in bioprocessing. Hardly any other element is as thoroughly connected to life as oxygen is. Its measurement plays a central role in the control of biological processes. With this favourably priced O2 analyzers the oxygen content can be determined online in an uncomplicated and reliable manner. This oxygen analyzer makes process optimisation in bioprocessing efficient and precise.

The application fields of BCP-O2 are most complex - be it in the bioreactor or also in the fermenter, or in the laboratory for the scale up application, or also at an industrial scale. The BCP-O2 oxygen sensor is favourably priced and is already used in many places in parallel bioreactors.

The mode of operation of this oxygen analyzer has already proven itself innumerable times. Maintenance is not only foolproof but the costs are very low, too. The resistant casing and the sound finish of this space-saving analyzers is convincing and it measures exactly on the spot where processing takes place. No matter where the bioprocess takes place, be it in the glass flask, the stainless steel fermenter or when using disposables - the BCP-O2 series is always the right solution.

Hydrogen Sensors for Bioprocesses

BCP-H2 Hydrogen Sensors for bioprocesses

Hydrogen sensor for bioprocesses (BCP-H2) is an in-situ gas sensor for the analysis of hydrogen in bioprocessing and the production of biofuels. The BCP-H2 series exceedingly robust and reasonably priced hydrogen sensors can be easily integrated directly into the gas lines. For example, you can measure the H2-concentrations in waste gases from fermentations, independent of the gas flow with this hydrogen sensor. The thermal conductivity hydrogen sensor measures any concentration of hydrogen in the shake flask and the fermenter. Application areas are the chemical industry, biogas plants, agriculture and Life Sciences.

It can also be used to monitor algal hydrogen production. The reasonably priced H2 analyzer measures very stable and is highly reliable. Additional gas coolers, pumps and valves are not needed to make the measurements. The H2 sensor measures at the point where things are happening. Fast and reliable measurement data without a lot of maintenance are the result. With the aid of standard interfaces (RS232, Ethernet, USB...) the hydrogen sensors can be connected to any process (PAT) control system.

Gas Sensors for Bioprocesses

BCP-CH4-Gas Sensors for bioprocesses

The BCP-CH4 is an in-situ gas methane sensor for production of biogas and other fermentation processes. Methane is a very important gas in the chemical industry. When producing biogas the micro-organisms produce, apart from CO2, primarily also the decisive gas - combustible methane (CH4). The biogas that does not have an impact on the climate is a competitive alternative to fossil fuels. This CH4 sensor is easy to install and measures methane directly at the spot where the process takes place. The production of methane in the biogas plant (Methane Digester) can be ideally monitored by the sturdy BCP-CH4 series and thus also be controlled. In the combined heat and power plants (CHP) the current degree of efficiency can be analyzed.

The resistant and compact casing of the BCP-CH4 series has already proven its worth under heavy duty. The investment costs can be amortized very quickly thanks to the attractive price and the low maintenance costs. This in-situ CH4 sensor is easy to install and fits to every fermenter. And all this is offered with a very low level of maintenance. BCP-CH4 simplifies measurement - the cooling of the gas, cumbersome lines, valves or pumps are not needed.

Thanks to the standard interfaces the data can be readout by any electronic process control system. The BCP-CH4 series is made for measuring on the large scale and is supplemented by the Yield master series, which make the CH4 yield transparent at the laboratory scale.

Laboratory scale analyzer

Laboratory scale analyzer - BenchOne Biogas

Laboratory scale analyzer for Biogas a easy to use lab scale analyzer for biogas. It measures CO2 as well as CH4 in real-time. Just connect your vessel or fermenter to the inlet of this biogas analyzer, connect the off gas line and start the measurement. This reliable device makes the gas analysis for the biogas process affordable and easy. The measuring range of this biogas analyzer is 0-50% Vol.% for CO2 and 0-100 Vol.% for CH4 and it has no interferences neither to humidity nor to hydrogen sulphide. Inside the device there is also a pressure sensor to compensate pressure fluctuations automatically. The Bench One does not need a minimum gas flow and can be used for processes with a very small gas yield. You can read out all the data via 2x4-40 mA as well as via RS232/RS485.

Your advantages:

•  No minimum gas flowneeded

•  No pumps

•  Pressure  and  temperature compensated

•  Easiestinstallation

•  CO2 and CH4 measurement in one device

•  2 Displays

•  No extra gas cooler/dryer

•  RS485/RS232

Data output: 2 displays, RS232, RS485, 4-20 mA, USB

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