Company : Robotnik Automation S.L.L

Category : Robotics

Key Products : Rescuer, Guardian, Summit

Robotnik is a company specialized in robot product development and robotics R&D projects. They offer high-quality services for national and international reach and are certified in: ISO 9001:08 - Design, manufacturing and commercialization of products and systems based on robotics technology. UNE 166002:06 - R&D management in the development of projects in the field of robotics.


Robotnik has a multidisciplinary engineering team, which is qualified in several fields, amongst others, computers, manufacturing, industrial, telecommunications, mechanics. Robotnik specializes in:


  • Autonomous indoor transport robots and field service robotics applications.
  • Robotics products (mobile robots, robot arms, robotic hands and humanoids).
  • R&D Robotics projects and special robot systems design.

Robotnik has also obtained the EIBT (Innovative and High-Tech Enterprise) qualification, by the ANCES National Network, which recognizes Robotnik as a high tech company, with an innovative environment and high professional and technological formation.


Rescuer Robots

A rescuer is extremely solid and very appropriate for applications that require outdoor/indoor, hazardous or difficult to access environments. The robot is supplied with an embedded PC controller and open architecture software. It’s an ideal machine for those users that wish to implement their own software.

The system offers connectivity with robotic hands, grippers, several laser scanner models, cameras and Robotnik’s modular arms. It also allows the immediate integration of any standard device with available Linux drivers.

The mobile robot Rescuer is useful for many civil applications, as well as for scientific investigations and safety. Some examples of our customers include civil protection agencies and Universities.

Mobile Robot GUARDIAN

Guardian is a modular robot with high mobility. The platform extends the range of missions in which the robotic technology is used in several ways:

  • Teleoperation capabilities allow to remotely performing any mission thus enhancing the security of the operator.
  • The robot is small enough to be transported in a conventional car boot and light enough to introduce it in a lift.



  • Indoor/Outdoor navigation.
  • Localization.
  • Control software architectures.
  • Swarming.


  • Surveillance.
  • Remote measuring.

Explosive disposal:

  • Search and disposal of improvised explosive devices (IEDD).
  • Search and disposal of military explosive ordinance (EOD).

Mobile Robot SUMMIT XL

Mobile Robot Summit XL is a robotic platform which is used for R & D applications. It is known for its robust design. High loads can be carried as well-built mechanical structure is involved in it.

The Summit XL consists of skid-steering kinematics that is based on 4 high power motor wheels. There will be a hub brushless motor with gearbox and encoder (optional) in each wheel. Four encoders and a high precision angular sensor situated inside the framework allow to compute the odometry. However, there might be several suspension shock possibilities. They can be placed at several positions to transform the robot clearance.

The robot base can be navigated independently through PTZ camera that transmits video in real time. The control architecture is based on ROS (Robot Operating System) which is modular and open-sourced.

Applications of Mobile Robot Summit XL:

  • Remote monitoring
  • Military
  • Surveillance
  • Research and education
  • Access to hazardous areas

Technical specifications


Dimensions              722 x 610 x 392 mm

Weight                         45 kg

Payload                     20 kg

Speed                         3 m/s

Enclosure class          IP54 / IP65

Traction system       4 wheels

Autonomy              5 h. continuous motion

                              20 h. standard laboratory use

Batteries                 8x3.3V LiFePO4

Traction motors      4x 250 W brushless servomotors

Temperature range   0º a +50ºC

Max. Climbing angle   40º


Controller  : Open architecture ROS (Robot Operating System) Embedded PC with Linux (Intel BayTrail J1900 or similar)

Communication  :      Wi-Fi 802.11n

Connectivity        :      Internal Connectivity: USB, RS232, GPIO

                                External Connectivity: USB RJ45 and 12 VDC

Contact Details

Robotnik Automation S.L.L.
C/ Ciudad de Barcelona, 3-A, 46988
P.I Fuente del Jarro
Paterna – Valencia (España)
Phone: +34 96 147 54 00
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