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PAL Robotics is a worldwide leading company in biped humanoid robots based in Barcelona. The team is composed of about 30 people from different nationalities, mostly engineers in the fields of mechanics, electronics and software  that design, craft and customize humanoid robots.

Founded in 2004 by four engineers, we have successfully built several robots for services and research, contributed to open-source projects and participated in several robotic competitions.

Our current robots are REEM, the event robot, REEM-C, an advanced humanoid biped robot, TIAGo, a mobile modular research robot and Stockbot, an autonomous 3D inventory robot.

PAL Robotics continues its R&D efforts on humanoid robots, for both commercial and non-commercial models, and thus keeps its original objective to supply robotic products and services that will improve the daily work and quality of life for both its customers and users.

Rotary Module Robotic Components - M90

Robotic Components - M90 rotary module presented by PAL Robotics is a high performance module that offers an easy and flexible process automation solution and complex systems. This module integrates hollow shaft autonomous power and control electronics, motor brushless DC and Harmonic Drive ® gear. The actuator is controlled by the internal logic, which receives the necessary parameters from a master controller via CAN-Bus (optional can open protocol) interface. The module also includes a wide variety of self-protection mechanisms (over temperature, over current, under voltage, over-voltage).

Main Features of M90 rotary module

  • Excellent ratio between size and torque
  • Power and Logic Electronics integrated
  • Brushless DC Motor with different power options
  • Harmonic Drive Reducer with different ratios
  • Cross-roller bearing integrated
  • CAN-Open communication
  • General I/O available
  • Over-current, over-voltage, under-voltage and over-temperature protections
  • Motor and output encoders
  • Low power consumption

Robotics System Integrators M3D

PAL Robotics introduces its M3D module, a highly integrated automation processes and complex systems solution. This doll contains 3 surface with electronics, engines and gearboxes integrated with the ability to control additional external DOF. Only input power and communication, this doll stands out for its simplicity, ease of working and easy to integrate into other mechanisms. Here are the main features of the M3D.

Main Features of M3D - 3 DoF Module

  • 3 DoF integrated
  • Power and control electronics fully integrated
  • Wide range of movement for each DoF
  • Possibility of motor and reducer customization
  • Motor and absolute encoders for each DoF
  • Customizable PID for Position and Velocity
  • Low power consumption
  • Excellent ratio between torques and weight
  • Protection for over-temperature, under-voltage, over-voltage and over-current
  • Possibility to integrate an extra motor (with correspondent digital encoders)
  • Possibility to connect different end-effectors
  • CAN Bus for communication
  • Optional CAN open compatible

humanoid robotics research - REEM-C 04

PAL Robotics presents its adaptative PAL Robotics Hand, a 7-DoF robotic hand (3 actuated) which is able to grasp different objects with its 3 fingers. Its unique adaptative nature makes it suitable for interaction with delicate objects and sage interactions with humans.

Humanoid Service Robots - REEM-C 06

  • Self,contained: power and control electronics are fully integrated
  • Ability to grasp a wide range of objects
  • Adapts to the grasped object shape
  • Full joint position sensing through absolute and incremental encoders
  • Control mode: Position control with current limitation

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