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DENSO has pioneered manufacturing of quality automation since 1949 and subsequently is one of the largest automotive manufacturers in the world. The company has been designing and manufacturing industrial robot arms since 1960.

High-Precision Robots

Since this time DENSO has been developing technology for high-precision robots. The company itself has applied high-precision robots to its own manufacturing process. More than 16,000 DENSO high-precision robots are employed in the company’s own manufacturing facility and another 37,000 high-precision robots for industrial usage are being used by other companies all around the world. Industries where these high-precision robots are widely used are appliances, automotives, chemical, consumer products, electronics and food.

Feature Industrial Robots

An outstanding feature of all DENSO robots is their elegant and compact design. The compact dimensions as well as carefully concealed electrical wiring and air lines reduce interference with surrounding equipment and save valuable space. In addition, although attractive design is not a hard technical factor, it contributes to the overall appearance of the production facility and the employees' working environment.

DENSO programming platform

DENSO robots lineup comes along with easy-to-use programming software, controllers and teaching pendants. Apart from this, DENSO robots lineup is built on a single platform, thus the customers benefit from having one robotic environment for their entire production facility, with significant time and cost saving in programming, operation, maintenance training.

Four-Axis Robots

The four-axis HS and HM Series horizontally articulated robots feature high speed, outstanding repeatability and a large payload-handling capacity, allowing them to accommodate a broad range of applications. They are also very powerful, with a high maximum moment of inertia that permits a wide range of end effectors.

Both the HS and HM Series robots are available in basic or dust- and splash-proof (IP65) configurations. In addition, the HS Series robots are available in clean room configurations. Like all DENSO robots, the HS and HM Series are ANSI and CE compliant with UL available making them suitable for global deployment.

DENSO robots lineup of five- and six-axis VP, VS and VM Series of vertically articulated robots combine the fastest speed in their class with very high repeatability. In addition, they feature a compact design and small footprint that saves valuable space and simplify integration. Despite their small size, however, these robots are very powerful.

Their maximum allowable moment of inertia is significantly higher than conventional robots, enabling greater flexibility in end-effectors design and a wider range of applications. Like all DENSO robots, the VP, VS and VM Series are ANSI and CE compliant, making them suitable for global deployment.

ORiN Vision

The image processing function it is implemented in the ORiN vision provider by using an open source vision library OpenCV. Necessary functions are carefully selected for vision functions, aiming for building a system easily and inexpensively. With general purpose programming languages, such as VB, C++ or Script, the development of vision application is possible. Furthermore, it is equipped with easy camera calibration function and an interactive Vision programming tool.


ORiN2 is a middleware for factory automation which is created based on the Software Interface Standard by the ORiN Forum.

ORiN2 provides two independent interfaces to access devices on the network. There is one interface for the development of Applications & Case studies and one for connecting to different devices.

The Applications & Case studies Program Interface (API) provides a common object model for all kinds of devices. Every device can be plugged into ORiN by creating an according provider. This separation of concerns allows developing Applications & Case studies and device providers independently. Furthermore ORiN2 provides protocols to connect to the Internet.


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