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ViscoTec is established in the year 1997 and is known as one of the preeminent manufacturers of systems required for dosing, conveying, filling, applying and empty medium to high-viscosity fluids. Our company manufactures dosing systems and dosing components for semi-automatic and fully automatic production lines and assembly processes. ViscoTec provides a precise, reliable, fast and thought-through technology to customers.

In 2008 the brand, preeflow® was implemented – for high precision micro dispensing. In the following years, the subsidiaries ViscoTec America Inc. in Georgia (2009), ViscoTec Asia Pte Ltd in Singapur (2011), ViscoTec Shanghai Ltd. in Shanghai (2013) and ViscoTec India Pvt. Ltd. (2017) were established. In 2015 the 30,000 pump already could be sold. After an extensive enlargement of the company site in 2017 the CIC (Customer & Innovation Centre) came into existence.

In the new technology centre customers can experience live dosing tests and the product portfolio even better. The company employs around 165 people worldwide. The organizational structure consists of the following divisions: Adhesives & Chemicals, Food, Pharma, Components & Devices and 3D printing.

High Precision Dosing Dispensers

High precision dosing dispensers of ViscoTec (ViscoDuo-P 4/4) are designed for a significantly reduced space requirement in automation systems. These dosing dispensers are valveless, static, space saving mixing head with dispensers located directly in front of the mixer. The optimal design of the high precision dosing dispensers allows for a compact system design in dosing stations with smaller dosing cell sizes - the space requirement at production areas can thus be used efficiently. These high precision dosing dispensers are especially developed for easy cleaning and maintenance. No valves are required. The components to be mixed are dosed by volume only and with no dead space into the static mixer.

Advantages of dosing dispensers:

  • Simple programming of volume and dosing speed
  • Processing of viscous materials unfilled or very high filled
  • Adjustment of the preferred mixing ratio by adjusting the speed ratio of both dispensers
  • Reverse-flow is possible (no dripping or stringing of product)
  • Low supply pressure is required for material feeding.
  • Integrated sensors in each component (no dead space) for online process monitoring
  • Constant dosing volume, even with density or viscosity changes


These dosing dispensers are suitable for 2 component adhesive systems based on: epoxy resin (EP), polyurethane (PU), silicone (Si), polyester resin (UP)

They are used for mixing of two colors and other two-component fluids and pastes.

Static mixing of two components of same or different viscosities is possible.

Potting, dot application or bead applications are possible.

Pharma Dispenser for Fillings

Pharma Dispenser for Fillings is majorly used in laboratories. This pharmaceutical filling line helps to achieve precise and reliable dosing of fluids and pastes. Due to the special rotor-stator geometry a valve to prevent material from automatically flowing out is not required. Alternately opening chambers of Pharma Dispenser for Fillings allow the gentle transfer and pulsation-free dispensing. Pharmaceutical filling line is designed especially for applications in the areas such as biotechnology, pharmaceutics, medical industry and food industry. The Pharma Dispenser for Fillings are used for high-viscosity media. The other characteristics of pharmaceutical filling line are two-component, automated, single-component, continuous, contained, semi-automatic, programmable, high precision and so on.


  • This line is interior dead space optimized
  • 3.1 test report (DIN EN 10204)
  • The range of all surfaces for pharmaceutical applications is Ra ≤ 0.8 μm
  • Reverse-flow is possible with the Pharma Dispenser for Filling and Dosing tasks
  • All product touching parts are auto-clavable
  • FDA compliant construction/development
  • They are design executed due to EHEDG guidelines
  • They are rotor assembly easy removable (without gaskets)
  • This line contains hygienically and pharmaceutically compliant construction
  • They contain a linear relation between drive speed and dosing volume
  • High life time due to media specific choice of components
  • Quick and easy disassembling/assembling without tools
  • Hermetically sealed process area to protect the product and the environment

Filling Machine Dosing and Dispensing

Filling machine dosing and dispensing is a volumetric conveying pump based on the endless piston principle. Dosing and dispensing is suitable for discontinuous or continuous pulsation-free metering of viscous, shear sensitive and high-filled material. With the help of the superior quality filling machine dosing and dispensing, special and highly accurate dosing applications can be achieved. For example, this filling machine dosing and dispensing is used in the bakery and confectionary business for the decoration of cookies, cakes, etc. Typically, icing or fudges are dosed but also sweet filling like vanilla or chocolate pastes. The dosing unit for filling machine dosing and dispensing can also be used as feeding pump in subsequent processes.


  • Dispensing can be done within automated lines
  • Filling machine dosing and dispensing involves hot and cold filling process
  • Perfect results at CIP/SIP (Cleaning/Sterilization in Place) cleaning: it can be integrated in an automatic flushing system
  • Low to high viscosity fluids which could contain abrasive, shear-sensitive particles or fillers
  • Dosing units with specific filling nozzles depending on each individual application
  • Options possible

Dosing Dispensers for Food Industry

Dosing dispensers for food industry are specifically designed for applications in the nutrition and cosmetics sector that requires the highest hygienic standards. These dosing dispensers for food industry are perfectly suitable for dosing, filling, and for applications with viscous, abrasive, highly filled or shear-sensitive fluids, based on the endless piston principle. Dosing dispensers for food industry contain compact design, and high life time due to material specific component selection. They work on suck-back function (neither dripping nor stringing). Dosing dispensers for food industry are easy to dismantle and contain flexible shaft. Their design is performed according to EHEDG-guidelines.

Key features of Dosing dispensers for food industry:

  • Absolutely linear correlation between rotor speed and applied quantity
  • High life time due to material-specific component selection
  • Fast and easy assembly and disassembly
  • Flexible shaft, easy to dismantle
  • Process reliable and high-precision filling/dosing
  • Various amounts infinitely variable
  • Compact design

Hygienic characteristics:

  • Design performed according to EHEDG-guidelines
  • FDA-compliant construction/development
  • Hygienic and pharmaceutical construction
  • Dead space optimized interior
  • All surfaces Ra ≤ 0.8 μm
  • Flushing connection for automated cleaning
  • Hermetically sealed process area (flushing area/seal chamber)
  • Suitable for all viscous cosmetics and food products
  • Easy integration in automated processes

Micro Dosing Dispensing

Micro Dosing Dispensing machine offers a wide range of applications for low to medium viscosity dispensing. These preeflow micro dosing dispensing machines are particularly suitable for dosing grease, color, sealants, adhesives, oil, silicone, abrasive fluids and pastes and many other one- and two-component materials. Preeflow® eco-PEN is a rotating and perfectly pressure-tight displacement system. This micro dosing dispensing machine contains self sealing rotor stator design. Conveyance action by medium displacement in the stator through controlled rotor rotation. With its suck back option, preeflow® micro dosing dispensing ensures clean and controlled material or medium cut-off while preventing post-dripping effects. For dot and bead application with application speeds adaptable to track speeds.


  • It is easy to clean
  • It contains suck back effect
  • Genuine volumetric dosing
  • Viscosity-autonomous dosing
  • Primary pressure-independent dosing
  • Controllable dosing flow
  • Pressure-tight without valve
  • Range of dosing pressures 16 - 20 bar

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