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Key Products : Genius NM32LA Nitrogen Generator, I-FlowLab 6XX1 Nitrogen Generator, Precision Hydrogen 100, Solaris ELSD Nitrogen Generator, Infinity XE 5011

Peak Scientific Instruments pioneers in the design, manufacture, and support of high-performance gas generators for analytical laboratories.

Well-pronounced in the scientific community for their two decades of experience in developing sophisticated gas generators, they manufacture nitrogen, hydrogen and zero-air generators. Gas generators are a practical, cost-effective alternative to pressurized cylinders.

Peak Scientific provides reliable solutions tailored to meet specific laboratory demands. Apart from this, the company also provides technical support and services throughout the generator’s lifespan.

Genius NM32LA Nitrogen Generator

Applications: LC-MS

The culmination of over a decade's work perfecting on-site gas generation for LC-MS, the Genius NM32LA is the pinnacle of our Genius series. With many thousands of units in the field, the NM32LA has become the proven and reliable nitrogen generator of choice in countless laboratories across the world. The NM32LA delivers up to 32 liters per minute of nitrogen gas, suitable for most LC-MS (Liquid Chromatography - Mass Spectrometery) instruments available on the market today.


  • Compressor based solution, no need for an external air supply
  • Service indication to allow planning of preventative maintenance
  • High-specification latest generation compressors located in insulated chamber reducing noise and vibration
  • Minimal set-up required
  • Highly economical source of nitrogen gas with low lifetime running costs
  • Gas is supplied on demand so generator works to your schedule
  • Proven robust and reliable nitrogen gas generation technology
  • Safe and practical laboratory-grade nitrogen
  • 12 month comprehensive on-site warranty

Technical Specifications

Generator Outlets

Gas Type: Nitrogen


  • Gas Flow32L/min
  • Outlet Pressure100psi

Electrical requirements

  • Voltage 110/230 ± 10%vAC
  • Frequency 50/60Hz
  • Current 7 amps


  • Size (HxWxD) mm 713 x 600 x 750mm
  • Size (HxWxD) Inches 28.1 x 23.6 x 29.5 inches
  • Startup Time  30 Mins
  • Generator Weight 102.5kg / 226 lbs


i-FlowLab 6XX1 Nitrogen Generator

Applications: Sample Evaporation, ICP, ELSD, CO2 Analyzer, FT-IR, TOC, GC, LC-MS

i-FlowLab from Peak Scientific provides a total laboratory solution for on-site generation of nitrogen gas, delivering a continuous and consistent supply of high-purity nitrogen at the required pressure and flow rates to meet the full and varying demands of your laboratory or research facility.

Engineered around PSA technology, i-FlowLab is available in various pre-configured specifications to suit specific flow and purity demands. The i-FlowLab 6XX1 generator can provide nitrogen at flow rates from 40 l/pm - 3402 l/pm and contains an oxygen analyzer allowing for the continuous monitoring of system purity as a percentage. Purities are specified at time of system design to meet the needs of the application up to 99.999%.


  • Consistent, constant, reliable, on-demand supply of gas at stable purity. No instrument or application downtime as a result of running out of stored gas. Bring control of your nitrogen supply in-house
  • Convenient, hassle free. No more changing of cylinders or dewars. No more administration costs
  • Safe, no health and safety concerns in managing stored high pressure or liquid bulk tank supplies on-site or in the lab
  • Scalable / Expandable, increase nitrogen production capacity with the addition of CMS columns to future-proof your laboratory gas supply
  • Economical, fast return on investment and low cost of ownership with predictable running costs. Eliminate ongoing, rental and delivery costs, environmental surcharges and price volatility of bulk gas supplies
  • Reduce your carbon footprint by bringing your nitrogen production in-house, delivery of cylinders and liquid to site is removed, thereby reducing the carbon emissions related to your nitrogen usage
  • Oxygen analyser, continuous, real time monitoring of the nitrogen purity, available in % purity

Technical Specifications


  Gas Type   Nitrogen
  Gas Volume Flow Rate   40 to 3,402 l/min
  Power Consumption   250 kW
  Voltage   100 – 240 ±10% VAC
  Frequency   50/60 Hz
  Current   2 A
  Size (h x w x d)   1738 x 500 x 760 mm
  Noise Level   59 dB


Precision Hydrogen 100

Applications: GC

The Precision Hydrogen generators are designed to provide the gas needed for detectors requiring hydrogen fuel gas, such as FID and FPD. One generator is capable of supplying multiple detectors, and there are various flow rates available to suit individual laboratory needs.

These generators utilize a Proton Exchange Membrane to create the hydrogen gas from deionized water and a desiccant filtration stage is used to dry the gas. The Precision Hydrogen generators are also suitable for providing collision gas for ICP-MS.


  • Suitable for flame gas at standard detection limits
  • 99.9995% Purity
  • Internal leak detection with automatic shutdown features
  • Automatic loading pump as standard
  • Simple maintenance, limited to replacing de-ionizer cartridge and silica gel
  • Short and easy start-up and shutdown procedures
  • Compact, space-saving modular design
  • Creates hydrogen on demand, minimal storage of hydrogen in the system
  • 12 month comprehensive on-site warranty
  • Peak also offers a 3 year cell warranty with this generator as standard

Technical Specifications


  Gas Type   Hydrogen
  Gas Volume Flow Rate   0.1 l/min
  Outlet Pressure Range   Up to 6.8 atm (0 to 100 psi)
  Voltage   110 – 230 VAC
  Frequency   50/60 Hz
  Current   Up to 6 A
  Size (h x w x d)   406 x 380 x 540 mm
  Generator Weight   29 kg


Solaris ELSD Nitrogen Generator

Peak Scientific's Solaris nitrogen generator has been engineered and designed as a gas delivery solution for ELSD, Compact Mass Spectrometer instruments and TLD readers which can reduce downtime and increase workflow efficiencies. Built in Peak's state of the art ISO:9001 manufacturing facility by Peak's team of highly skilled and experienced gas generator engineers, Solaris can provide 10L/min of high purity nitrogen (up to 99.5%).

Developed with a space-saving design, Solaris can be placed on a benchtop and paired with an additional air compressor unit to provide air supply for labs without an in-house air supply or who wish to contain their gas supply in a single system.


  • Variable outlet flow, pressure and purity
  • Nitrogen for ELSD at up to 10 L/min, 100 psi and up to 99.5% purity
  • Compact benchtop form factor, discrete aesthetic styling
  • Color indicative LED lighting for easy status awareness
  • Optional Solaris Air Compressor stackable module
  • Engineered on reliable and proven existing technology
  • Manufactured and tested to highest spec in UK, CE/FCC certified
  • 12 month comprehensive on-site warranty.

Technical Specifications


  Gas Type   Nitrogen
  Gas Volume Flow Rate   0.1 l/min
  Inlet Pressure   5.44 – 8.846 atm (80 – 130 psi)
  Outlet Pressure   Up to 6.8 atm (100 psi)
  Voltage   110 – 230 VAC
  Frequency   50/60 Hz
  Current   Up to 0.03 A
  Size (h x w x d)   156 x 417 x 540 mm
  Generator Weight   12 kg


Infinity XE 5011

Producing between 11 and 118 L/min of high purity nitrogen gas, the Infinity XE 5011 can comfortably supply multiple laboratory instruments. With a variable flow rate in relation to purity, set the flow rate you need to meet the total demands of the instruments in your lab.

Peak Scientific’s Infinity XE Series generators have been engineered to provide nitrogen to laboratories which already have an external source of clean, dry air which at a minimum meets ISO8753-1:2010 Class 1.4.1 (we can provide assistance on external compressors or pre-filtration systems as part of an Infinity gas generation solution). These systems contain no moving parts, are effectively silent whilst in operation and require minimal maintenance.


  • Flow rates from 11-118 L/min
  • Variable flow rate
  • 135 psi outlet pressure
  • Purity from 95-99.5% (flow rate dependent)
  • Tried and tested membrane technology for high purity gas
  • Small laboratory footprint – using minimal lab space
  • O2 analyzer fitted as standard – only a single annual calibration required
  • Optional purity shutdown feature
  • True Eco mode - nitrogen supplied only when demanded by the instrument

Technical Specifications


  Gas Type   Nitrogen
  Gas Volume Flow Rate   11 – 118 l/min
  Inlet Pressure   4.08 – 9.9 atm (60 – 145 psi)
  Outlet Pressure   9.18 atm (135 psi)
  Voltage   100 – 230 VAC
  Frequency   50/60 Hz
  Dew Point   +3oC
  Size (h x w x d)   500 x 500 x 995mm


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