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Key Products : Rotary Piston, Pelton Wheel and Coriolis Mass flow meters

Litre Meter Limited was established in 1975. Since then all the products designed and manufactured have been flowmeters and associated instruments – truly flowmeter specialists. The first meter was the Pelton Wheel turbine, still manufactured today, with excellent range ability and best suited to low viscosity fluids. This was soon joined by the VFF Viscous Fluids Flowmeter for more viscous liquids in 1985. Subsequently Litre Meter has added a range of other flowmeter principles and designs from selected manufacturers around the world for selling direct into the UK.

VFF Rotary Piston flow meter is our best selling product.

The VFF Rotary Piston flow meter is our best selling product. Sizes range from ½" to 2" although minimum flows can be as low as 0.008 litres per hour. Typical applications are chemical injection flow measurement or hydraulics flow metering. The ability to offer low flows, wide ranges and high pressure operation can be unique. The metering principle is suited to PIB measurement also. Viscosity can range from 0.8 to 90,000 cSt, pressures from 1 bar to 1000 bar. Wetted materials are normally 316 SS, duplex or titanium. Instrumentation is varied but typically provides rate and total display with analogue and digital outputs.

Pelton Wheel flow meter

Pelton Wheel turbine, strictly this should be called a radial turbine, was developed for low flow and wide ranging applications. It is best suited to low viscosity fluids typically less than 5 or 10cP. The no-drag pickup and jewelled (sapphire/sapphire) bearings coupled with a flat-blade design give it a turndown ratio i.e. maximum flow compared to minimum flow of up to 280:1. All the flow travels through the turbine on the low flow designs. At ½" and above, when the flow exceeds 30 litres per minute, the same turbine is mounted across an integral orifice (MM version). The output of frequency is still linear to flow rate and can be applied to line sizes up to 2" and higher.

Tricor Coriolis Mass Flow Meters

Tricor coriolis meters provide a direct reading of mass flow rate. When you combine decades of experience with truly unique talents, great things can happen. Tricor Coriolis flow meter technology may be a new name on the scene but our engineers have been intimately involved with the development and evolution of Tricor  Coriolis flow meters since the beginning. In fact, many of the critical patents for coriolis meter technology bear Tricor engineers’ names. TRICOR Coriolis Technology products were designed and engineered in Colorado & Wisconsin & Germany. Their state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Germany is equipped with superior calibration and test equipment that guarantees the performance of your instrument from the time it arrives at your site. Their promise to you is that they will deliver high performance Trico Coriolis technology, supported by the very gurus who crafted the originals.

Thermal Mass Gas Flow Meter

Apart from the LM & MM Pelton Wheel and the VFF Rotary Piston Positive Displacement flow meters Litre Meter also, in the UK only, sell a range of complimentary devices/technologies to meet every flow meters requirement. This started with the Sierra Thermal Mass Gas flow meters and flow controllers and soon built up to a comprehensive source. Sierra also provides an insertion thermal meter, a vortex and an ultrasonic range. Ritter make primary standard gas meters for a few cc/hour upwards. Euromag manufacture a wide selection of electromagnetic meters including small-bore, flange, wafer and insertion types. To add to the positive displacement range of VFF there are two PD meters from KEM featured. These are the ZHM gear meter and SRZ helical screw meters.

Flow Meters Instrumentation

All Litre Meter flow meters provide a pulse output. Most are coupled with an instrument to tailor the outputs to specific customer requirements. At its most basic the FPod series for the VFF provides a display of rate and total although a 4-20mA signal and HART output are included as standard. The new FlowPod will incorporate a custom LCD, HART version 7 and removable SD card for programming. For the Pelton Wheel the standard FPod provides a pulse and a 4-20mA output. All of the above have linearisation to optimise flow meter precision.

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