Company : KELLER AG für Druckmesstechnik

Category : Test and Measurement

Key Products : Isolated pressure transducers, Piezo resistive pressure sensors, Isolated pressure transmitters

Miniaturization in Pressure Measurement Technology

Keller‘s OEM transmitters are systems that can be described as „embedded“ in the best sense of the word – and in two different ways. First, the sensor and the downstream electronics are embedded in the same housing and second, the transmitter capsules themselves are ideally suited for embedding in application-specific systems. Depending on requirements, the output signal is standardized and temperature-compensated (ratiometric or digital).

Customized differential pressure module

Significantly optimized solutions are obtained if close coordination between a component producer and a device manufacturer (to cite one such example) is initiated in a product’s development phase. Flexibility on both sides and – most important of all – digital signal processing yield benefits here: this is illustrated by the following example of a differential pressure measuring module that was developed in response to a customer’s request and which has now been integrated into a production flow controller.

Making empty tanks a thing of the past

AVIA Osterwalder St. Gallen AG operates more than 120 filling stations in eastern Switzerland. This company also sells and distributes motor vehicle and other fuels to corporate and private customers. For many years now, AVIA Osterwalder St. Gallen AG has deployed the EasyOil® system to offer its customers a practical method for remote monitoring of filling levels in oil and gasoline tanks. To assist with the recent relaunch of the EasyOil® system, AVIA Osterwalder St. Gallen AG called on the measurement technology expertise offered by KELLER AG für Druckmesstechnik.