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Neousys Technology provides fanless embedded computers. Based in Taiwan, our company offers high performance and reliable products with innovative design. Our goal is to innovate and integrate feature sets into products for various vertical markets with simple and yet robust architecture.

With an experienced engineering team, application-oriented features are integrated into our embedded systems. Our products serve as ideal solutions for automation, machine vision, in-vehicle, transportation, GPU computing, surveillance and video analytics.

Wide Temperature GPU Computing Platform

Wide temperature GPU computing platform Nuvo-5095GC is a compact and wide-temperature GPU-computing platform that supports NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX-1050 and 6th-Gen Intel® Core™ processor. It integrates all features required for a compact, reliable and powerful wide temperature GPU-computing platform.

Nuvo-5095GC is the first embedded controller targeting at emerging applications of CUDA computing, autopilot, deep learning and virtual reality. To deliver tremendoud computing power for arthimetic/graphics operations,  Wide temperature GPU computing Nuvo-5095GC possesses 768 CUDA cores that supports  NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 1050 and succeeding Pascal GPU.

Heat generated by GPU will be dissipated by Neousys’ patented Cassette technology and new patent-pending thermal design.  This helps to make the compact system capable to operate flawlessly at 60°C with 100% GPU loading.

Wide temperature GPU computing is based on Intel® Skylake platform and supports 35W/65W 6th-Gen® Core™ processors and up to 32GB DDR4 memory in a very compact, 240 mm x 225 mm x 110 mm footprint.

For fast-growing GPU-computing applications, Wide temperature GPU computing presents the first industrial-grade, compact and rugged platform incorporating CPU and GPU to offer performances far beyond traditional industrial computers.

Fanless In Vehicle System

To showcase remarkable computing performance for merging high-end requirements, Fanless In Vehicle System features state-of-the-art Intel® 6th-Gen Core™ processor. Its proven fanless design maintains EN 50155 TX class temperature range from -40? to 70?. Aiming particularly at railway usage, Nuvo-5100VTC offers Gigabit PoE+ ports with M12, x-coded connectors to guarantee best signal integrity and extremely rugged Ethernet connection.

It also integrates CAN 2.0 bus and isolated DIO to interact with in-vehicle devices. To supply versatile means of wireless communication by installing 3G, 4G, WIFI and GPS module.  Fanless In Vehicle System Nuvo-5100VTC is shipped with Neousys’ patented damping bracket to protect hard drives against shock and vibration in the vehicle.

Fanless In Vehicle Nuvo-5100VTC is the comprehensive expression of Neousys’ advanced technologies for in-vehicle applications, such as intelligent ignition control, M12 PoE+, power design and CAN bus. This EN50155-certificated computer undergoes severe tests, including EMI/EMS, rolling vibration/shock, cooling and dry heat, to ensure flawless performance in railway applications.

Ultra Compact Din Rail Controller

Ultra Compact Din Rail Controller POC-300 is an ultra-compact fanless embedded computer that features Intel® Apollo-Lake Pentium® N4200 or Atom™ x7-E3950 processor.

It is designed for DIN rail mounting with front panel I/O port access. This ultra compact Din Rail controller is easy to setup and is ideal for industrial applications where space is limited or placed in a 19 inch server cabinet.

Ultra Compact Din Rail Controller POC-300 provides rich I/O ports, it has one Gigabit Ethernet port, two 802.3at Gigabit PoE+ ports, two USB3.0 ports, two USB2.0 ports, one DVI-I connector for VGA + DVI dual video output, four COM ports and is compatible with Neousys’ MezIO™ interface.

This interface allows for the installation of an application-oriented I/O expansion module. The expansion module is a flexible and cost-effective way to customize an embedded system for dedicated applications.

As an industrial embedded computer, Ultra Compact Din Rail Controller POC-300 can function under 100% CPU load, under wide temperature settings ranging from -25? to 70?. It also accepts a wider range of power inputs from 8 to 35V DC and is fully tested for 24/7 operation in harsh environments.

Skylake Vision Controller & GPU Computing

Skylake Vision Controller & Industrial GPU Computing Nuvis-5306RT is the world’s first fully featured machine vision controller in a compact footprint that integrates exceptional computing power, built-in camera interfaces and real-time vision-specific I/O controls.

Industrial GPU Computing provides a powerful machine vision platform with integrated LED lighting controller, camera trigger, encoder input, pulse width modulation (PWM) output and digital I/O, to simultaneously connect and control all vision devices.

With Neousys’ patented technologies, Deterministic Trigger I/O (DTIO) and NuMCU (based on MCU-based architecture), they manage all vision-specific I/Os and allow users to program a deterministic timing correlation between input and output signals in microsecond scale. In addition, the innovative NuMCU technology grants users full control of MCU by integrating programming environment, run-time download/debug capability, to achieve comprehensive I/O control.

Industrial GPU Computing can accommodate an NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 1050 to leverage CPU-accelerated vision library or deep-learning vision applications. Combining built-in PoE+, USB 3.0 interfaces and the expandability for Camera Link and CoaXPress, Industrial GPU Computing Nuvis-5306RT is the ideal platform for demanding machine vision controller applications.

Fanless Box PC

Fanless box pc is the perfect replacement of your bulky rack-mount or wall-mount IPC systems. It delivers the same computing power as traditional IPCs, but in a more compact form-factor and fanless operation.

Fanless box pc series supports LGA1151 socket-type CPU, thus you can choose from Core™ i7 to Celeron® depending on your performance and cost consideration. The front-accessible I/O design, including 2 GbE, 4 USB 3.0 and 5 COM ports, makes it easier to access your fanless box pc Nuvo-6000 when it's placed inside a cabinet or a rack.

Its 5-slot capacity gives the same level of expandability as most IPCs. The front-accessible I/O design, including 2 GbE, 4 USB 3.0 and 5 COM ports, makes it easier to access your Fanless box pc when it's placed inside a cabinet or a rack.

Neousys' proven fanless design on Fanless box pc presents extraordinary reliability in all circumstances. And its versatile mounting options make it fit for desktop, cabinet or a 19" rack. With similar performance and cost, better form-factor and reliability, Fanless box pc series is speaking for itself on the new horizon of industrial computer.

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