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Key Products : Embedded Industrial Computers, Compact Embedded Computers

MPL AG is located in Switzerland in the town of Dättwil near Zurich and was founded in 1985 by Rudolf Hug. Since 1985, MPL AG has been developing and manufacturing industrial PCs (boards and systems) for tough industrial needs and industrial controls with highest quality standards. The success of the company is based on various unique solutions: a rugged, PC compatible industrial concept, long-term availability of our products, low power consumption, extended temperature range, and passive cooling concepts (fanless). MPL AG is ISO 9001 certified by BUREAU VERITAS SWITZERLAND since 1995.


MPL stands for state-of-the-art microprocessor based solutions. We provide a complete service from conception and design through manufacturing and test. This includes long life cycle support for our high quality electronic modules and devices.


MPL products are used in harsh environments including areas of shock and vibration. Therefore, we design and manufacture our boards and mechanics to exceed the requirements of defense, railways, traffic, avionics, and space, marine and industrial applications. The right design makes the difference.

Fanless Industrial Computers

Compact, robust, low power, fanless, and ready to use Industrial Computers with Intel CPUs up to Intel i7 Core. They are available in a rugged aluminum housing (DIN-Rail or flange mount), IP67 enclosure, or as Open Frame version. All MPL computers are fanless, noiseless and maintenance free, therefore the excellent solution for critical and reliable long lasting applications.

  • Rugged, Fanless, Embedded
  • Extreme low power consumption
  • Extended temperature -40° - +75°C
  • Expansions PC/104, PMC, XMC, mPCIe, PCIe, PCI
  • Long-term availability (embedded program)


Compact Embedded Computer PC

Ultra compact, robust, fanless, and low power Embedded Computers with Intel processors. The systems are offered with long term availability guarantee and in a rugged housing with different mounting options. CEC units are available according your requirements, even with your logo.

  • Ultra compact embedded Box-PC without any wiring
  • Fanless solutions for extended temperature -40°C to +85°C
  • Robust aluminum housings with Flange and DIN-Rail mounting
  • Low power embedded designs
  • Customized expansions capability over up to six mPCIe slots


Industrial Ethernet Solutions

MPL AG provides solutions for IP based industrial-grade networking (IoT, Industrial4.0) with devices such as firewalls, routers, switches, and media converters. Like all other MPL products, they are designed to work in harsh environments with extreme temperature, humidity, and vibration. Low power, reliability, and long-term availability are keys which make them ideal for the industrial environment.

  • Robust, heavy duty products
  • Temperature range from -40°C up to +85°C
  • Long-term availability guarantee, 5-7 ye
  • DIN-Rail, Flange, and MIL housings
  • Used in MIL-STD-810, EN50155, IEC 60945 environments


Railway Computing Solutions

MPL's Railway Solutions are EN50155 certified and all units undergo severe environmental testing to ensure reliable performance under a variety of power supply conditions, such as voltage variations, power interruptions, and supply changeover. The systems are also tested to withstand environmental disturbances, like vibration, shock, and extreme temperature. For example, the GUARD-F12 has been tested from -40°C to +85°C (called Tx in the EN50155 Standard).

All MPL products are designed to meet or exceed the most common standards. This includes EN 50155, IEC 60945, MIL-810, EMI certification, etc.which are the ideal products for railway applications.


COTS Embedded Military Computers

Embedded Computers &: Electronic Solutions, designed to withstand harsh environments and extreme temperature conditions to meet the various MIL standards. The designs have been done such, that our COTS products easily meet the MIL-STD-810G, regardless whether the application is land based, on vehicles, airplanes, or ships. The special rugged design, combined with the best industrial-grade components, offer high reliability and long-term performance. This makes it the perfect solution for military / defense applications.

All MPL products are designed to meet or exceed the most common standards. This includes maritime certification (IEC 60945), railways certifications (EN 50155), defense certifications (MIL-810), EMI certification, etc which are the ideal products for MIL/COTS applications.


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