Company : Lanner Electronics Inc.

Category : Networks Industrial Communication and Software

Key Products : Embedded Systems, Small Form Factor Computers

Lanner Partners with Rapid Signage to Offer well-rounded Digital Signage Solutions

Lanner is delighted to join hands with Rapid Signage to offer a powerful and well-rounded digital signage solution for smart retail/dining, intelligent vending, real-time Information push and interactive education.

Lanner’s LEC-7388S, a compact and OPS-compliant digital signage appliance built with Intel®’s 4th generation Core™ i5/i3 processors comes equipped with Intel’s HD Graphic 4600 GPU and is Crestron 4K-certified, offering hardware-based support for 4K decoders on 2x HDMI ports and 1x Display Port. Also featured are 1x swappable 2.5” HDD/SSD, 16GB of DDR3L memory, 3x USB 3.0 ports, 2x USB 2.0 ports and 1x mini-PCIe slot with SIM card reader.

Lanner, NTT Lagopus Exchange SDN Switch Compatibility Co-Certifications

Lanner today announced that its network appliance FW-7551 has been certified to be compatible with NTT Lagopus SDN software switch. Lagopus, functioning as Open Source Software (OSS), is developed by NTT (Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation) to provide a high-performance and flexible functionality suitable for data centers and wide area network applications. In the mean time, Lanner has certified Lagopus as a software switch compatible with FW-7551 and potentially Lanner’s other network appliances. The exchanged co-certifications will enhance both parties to be even dynamic in the SDN ecosystem.

Lanner Adds NCA-1210 into its Expanding Compact Network Appliance Lineup

For the wide spread adoptions of edge security gateways and virtual CPE, Lanner, a global leader in network appliance design and manufacturing, has added NCA-1210, a compact desktop network platform based on Intel Atom C2358/C2558 CPU (codenamed “Rangeley”), Intel QuickAssist Technology, four RJ-45 GbE LANs and four antenna holes.

The LEC-2580: Unsurpassed in Performance, Flexibility and Scalability

Lanner today announced the release of the LEC-2580, a high-performance box PC powered by Intel®'s 6th generation Core™ i7/i5/i3 CPU (codenamed Skylake).

The LEC-2580’s processing prowess comes from Intel®’s Core™ i7-6600U, Core™ i5-6300U and Core™ i3-6100U processors, all three demonstrating significant performance gain over Intel’s previous generations of Core™ processors.

LEC-7233: SFF MES Thin Client Gateway with Intel® Celeron® N2807

Software-based thin client computing has now become ubiquitous in production automation, so too have the hardware appliances deployed at processing plants and manufacturing factories. Together with the availability of a variety of thin client management software, Lanner’s industrial automation solutions, such as the LEC-7233, have evolved and improved in terms of flexibility and capability.