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Key Products : Embedded Systems, Small Form Factor Computers

Lanner Electronics, Inc. is a leading public listed (TAIEX: 6245) company based in Taiwan. It specialized in the production of computer systems which are applied in wide spectrum of industries like plant automation, intelligent transportation systems, airport Control, digital signage, mobile surveillance, power automation, traffic control etc. Lanner provides its clients with wide range of products and services like Embedded Systems, Small Form Factor Computer, Video Surveillance, Factory Automation and Extended Temperature Computers etc. at highly affordable prices.

Industrial Embedded Systems

Embedded systems refer to the applications that use computer, whose main purpose is not computing. Embedded systems generally have one or two dedicated functions such as digital signage or security. Embedded systems are widely applied in telecommunications, computer electronics, transportation systems, medical equipments etc.

Lanner Electronics, Inc. excels in the provision of embedded systems. It has 20 years of experience in making embedded systems and release new products constantly. They design the embedded systems as per clients’ specifications. Its embedded systems have features like excellent reliability, connectivity and ease of deployment. They offer embedded systems at highly affordable prices.

Fanless Desktop Network Security

Small Form Factor Computers traditionally refers to the personal computers having two expansion slots. Currently small form factor computers are interchangeably used for small computers having few expansion slots. Lanner Electronics, Inc. specializes in the provision of small form factor computers does not have any expansion slots. These small form factor computers are built with a single application in mind. Thus these small form factor computers aid in eliminating damaged parts such as fans, wires etc. Lanner offers small form factor computers at reasonable rates.

Video Surveillance

Video surveillance refers to the use of closed circuit cameras and recording systems to monitor a certain area. In video surveillance, all cameras are connected to one computer or system which is connected to various monitors for the security PERSONNEL to view. Video surveillance is widely used as they aid in security aspects. Lanner Electronics Inc. leads in the production of computers used for video surveillance. It provides a wide range of video surveillance systems having 4 inputs for small scale monitoring to 32 inputs for wider coverage. Video surveillance systems are reachable to the clients at economic rates.

Factory Automation

Factory Automation refers to the mechanical processes that are supervised by a system of computers. Factory automation (of one or series of computers) has sensors throughout for monitoring all sections of a factory or plant. Factory automation is used in many industries as it accomplishes the task without human intervention. Lanner Electronics, Inc. is known for its factory automation services. Lanner’s factory automation enables us to easily add smaller computers to the system that act as sensors for specific areas. Its factory automation systems have features like extreme connectivity and can extend temperature abilities. Lanner designs the factory automation systems in accordance with clients’ specifications. Its factory automation systems are available at nominal prices.

Extended Temperature Computer

Extended Temperature Computer is a computer made of special materials and design that can withstand all environmental/weather situations. These extended temperature computers can work not only in normal temperatures but also in situations like extreme hot and cold weather. Extended temperature computers are generally used in factories, plants, mobile applications etc. Lanner Electronics, Inc. is a reputed producer of extended temperature computers. These extended temperature computers are designed as per customers’ specification and industry requirements. It provides extended temperature computers that can survive in temperature between -20o and 70o Celsius. Lanner offers these at lowest possible rates.

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