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ICP DAS, established in the year 1993, focuses on innovation and improvement of the industrial automation technology. With the wide spread of internet and the extension of household and entertainment, it becomes a trend to integrate data acquisition, industrial control, and communication as one complete system. The embedded-control system has also become the focal point of research and application.


ICP DAS strives to advance remote I/O controllers, distributed I/O modules, and I/O data acquisition boards. To provide a total industrial automation solution and a complete after service, recently, ICP DAS enthusiastically endeavors to develop a series of programmable automation controller, web-related products and motion-control systems.


ICP DAS offers an efficient and comprehensive automation solution for the application of industrial control, real-time data, warning system of earthquakes and hydrology, the power-monitoring, and video game consoles. ICP DAS has successfully gained worldwide recognition in the field of industrial control and automation. In factory automation part, the head of semiconductor, the LCD panel, and the petro-chemical industries adopt our products to monitor equipments. In the intelligent building part, the highest skyscraper in the world-Taipei 101 uses ICP DAS products to enhance its fire safety system. In traffic management segment, Taiwan Fisheries Administration takes ICP DAS products as travel-recording devices. More applications such as on-line pollution-monitoring systems for Jiangsu province and Zhejiang province in China, battery recharging systems for LG in Korea, the piers monitoring of Megami Bridge in Japan, the monitoring whole factory system in a well-known automobiles and jets companies and etc. ICP DAS is proud to provide versatile applications all over the world.


Ethernet Remote I/O

With the accumulation of abundant experiences, we speed up to develop our products in every kind of series. To be the best supplier of remote I/O modules and embedded controllers is our future vision. Excepted i-7000 series, remote I/O modules, developed years away, ICP DAS continually released kinds of buses of remote I/O modules in 2006.Those buses include the remote access of PLC-like architecture, real-time FRnet buses such as FR-2000 series, Ethernet-based modules such as ET-6000 series, CAN bus-based remote I/O, and other related protocol converters. With our customers' expectation, ICP DAS released RU-87Pn remote I/O units with hot swap function in 2007.In addition, in order to enter the mechanism industry; and are also going to develop related products of motion control and machine vision so that we hope to meet clients' need of one-stop-shopping as soon as possible.

Micro-programmable controller

To satisfy users with running multiple applications of different functions on one platform, ICP DAS had released PAC series in 2004. PAC owns both advantages of PLC and IPC, and the key point is the breakthrough of embedded system; In hardware segment, it includes the design of the embedded system where the most significant things are the advance of techniques of CPU, field bus and the wide applications of Ethernet; in software segment, it includes the advances of the real-time operating system for embedded system, soft PLC, embedded modules' software, and so on.

XP automation controller

ICP DAS's products, such as DAQ cards for ISA & PCI communication, DI/DO devices and counter/timer boards, all have features of analog to digital, digital to analog, DI/DO, counter/timer, and RS-422/485. Data acquisition boards are capable of being used for automation in factory and laboratory, data logging in, signal analyzing, and product testing; surely, these boards can also be used for data control. Meanwhile, DI/DO devices and counter/timer boards are used for industrial control of ON/OFF, signal converting, alarm sending, radio switch in monitoring and control, as well as solenoid/valve control.

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