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Flexible PROFIBUS and PROFINET Products

COMSOFT has been successful in the field of industrial communication for more than 30 years. We realize individual concepts, look for the best solutions and supply you with powerful and flexible products.

As a declared PROFIBUS specialist, we develop and manufacture products for the master-slave range as well as provide the implementation, maintenance and diagnostics of PROFIBUS networks. Moreover, we specialise in the development of products for PROFINET IO.

Our product range today includes:

PROFIBUS Analysis and Test Tools, PROFIBUS intelligent Boards, PROFIBUS Gateways, PROFIBUS Switch, PROFIBUS Software and Drivers, PROFIBUS cRIO Module, PROFINET/PROFIBUS Proxy.


Profibus Analysis

NetTEST II is an essential must-have hand-held analysis and test tool for the successful operation, maintenance and service of any PROFIBUS network.

Already the basic system for detecting installation errors sets a new standard. With the DP Master functionality, NetTEST II becomes an outstanding tool for the mobile commissioning of DP Slaves. The entire PROFIBUS network can be lined up without using a PLC.

Equipped with the online functionality NetTEST II also detects sporadic errors in running systems. So, NetTEST II becomes the all-rounder among PROFIBUS analysis tools. The automatic generation and filing of detailed test records fulfils all requirements of state-of-the-art quality management systems.

Profibus Boards

DF PROFI II is available as PCI, PCIe, CPCI and PC104+ board. Due to the fact that both 5 V and 3.3 V are supported, the board is compliant to fast server PCs as well as workstations. DF PROFI II works as DP Master or DP Slave. The implemented hardware watchdog allows the electrical switch off of the PROFIBUS interface, so it can be used in redundant DP Master concepts with two PC systems.

Drivers for all current operating systems are available. Additional packages, such as OPC-Server, LabVIEW PROFIBUS VISA Driver or FDT COM DTM extend the field of application significantly.

Redundant Network Switches

PRS is the solution for a safe PROFIBUS DP Master redundancy concept, it provides switching over of the PROFIBUS line between two identical DP Masters. This avoids any galvanic contact between the DP Masters, they can therefore be configured with identical PROFIBUS addresses, making Multi Master mode unnecessary and excludes double address conflict.

The compact 24 Volt hat rail module contains the switching logic as well as an intelligent double DP Slave. PRS also allows the realization of very complex redundancy systems, i.e. in connection with PROFIBUS OPC servers or overlying Ethernet based cell networks.

Profibus Gateways

The hat rail module allows the connection to all copper based PROFIBUS DP networks and supports DP Master class 1/2 on the basis of DP and DPV1 services and DP Slave. The Ethernet based operation mode as MODBUS TCP/IP Slave provides easy integration of FNL as PROFIBUS DP Master into many visualisation/control systems.

COMSOFT's CONFIGURATOR II is available for compilation and download of the PROFIBUS configuration. PROFIBUS DP based diagnostic and IO data are dynamically compiled into the MODBUS TCP/IP structure and do not have to be configured additionally. The package can be completed with FDT COM DTM, OPC Server or LabVIEW Driver.

Profibus Integration

FNL Proxy PN/PB implements PROFIBUS DP segments into PROFINET IO networks. The Proxy integrates both existing and new PROFIBUS DP devices without any modification or adaptation into a PROFINET IO network. The PROFIBUS DP interface supports baud rates from 9.6 kbit/s to 12 Mbit/s.

The 24 Volt hat rail module contains one PROFIBUS DP interface, four PROFINET IO RT interfaces and one RS232 service interface for commissioning and diagnostics. COMSOFT configuration tool is included.

The Proxy supports PROFINET IO according to the current specification 2.0 and uses the modular mapping procedure. Diagnostics are reported by a PROFINET IO alarm. SNMP diagnostics are included.

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