Company : Atop Technologies

Category : Networks Industrial Communication and Software

Key Products : Wireless Serial Server, Industrial Switch

Atop Technologies is a shining name, devoted to providing high-quality frontline digital solutions and system integration services since 1989. The company aims to provide a complete set of TCP/IP-based solutions to industries. These solutions include wireless serial server, ethernet serial server, embedded serial module, access point, industrial switch etc.Atop is ISO 9001 certified company.

Wireless Serial Server SW5001

Atop offers a series of wireless serial server. All wireless serial servers conform to IEEE802.11g/b as well as WEP and WPA encryptions The RJ-45 port on the wireless serial server can be used for initial device configuration. Wireless serial server successfully bridges communications in places difficult to wire. Wireless serial server is also useful for mobile user interfaces with special mention to industrial environment. The wireless serial server has a metal housing with IP50 standard. Wireless serial server also features 15 KV ESD protections for serial ports. Wireless serial server also features support UDP, TCP server and client protocols. Wireless serial server is configurable via console and has an upgradeable firmware.

Ethernet Serial Server SE5001

Atop' Ethernet serial server forms an excellent seamless bridge between serial devices and Ethernet traffics. The conventional RS-232, RS-485 and RS-422 are the Ethernet serial server range offered by Atop. Ethernet serial server has an instant access to TCP/IP and UDP connectivity irrespective of speed and distance limitations. The Ethernet serial server is packed in a rugged housing A wide power input range is allowed by the Ethernet serial server. The Ethernet serial server is easily accessible by multiple host computers and multiple serial devices. Each port in the Ethernet serial server can be independently configured. The Ethernet serial server has an easy configuration and a good back up. The Ethernet serial server also feature upgrade firmware from remote-PC via Ethernet.

Embedded Serial moduleSE1001T

Atop manufactures a full line of embedded serial module. The embedded serial module is self- contained with a small footprint designed to befit the client's system. Atop offers two ranges of embedded serial module-serial to Ethernet and wireless to Ethernet. The programmable units in the embedded serial module are Linux-based and easy to interface with. The embedded serial module has a wide application .The embedded serial module has windows based utility for IP configuration. The embedded serial module also features upgrade firmware form remote PC via Ethernet. The embedded serial module also features a jumper to enable or disable AP firmware.

Atop Industrial Switch EH6508G

Atop offers a comprehensive array of industrial switch. The industrial switch is designed in order to withstand extreme temperature, large power surge and potential physical impact. The industrial switch is very reliable and handy. Atop's industrial switch has great utility in infrastructure management, waste treatment facilities, power utility stations, telecommunication etc. Atop offers two categories of industrial switch, managed and unmanaged depending upon the complexity and versatility of the industrial switch. The industrial switch has the world's fastest Ethernet ring. The industrial switch has an easy configuration. Event notification in the industrial switch operates through syslog, e-mail. The industrial switch also features redundant DC power. Industrial switch have a high strength plastic case. Reverse polarity protection and overload protection also form the key features of Atop's industrial switch.

Access Point AW5300

Atop's access point is a kind of industrial wireless Ethernet device. Access point offers wired and wireless dual networking interfaces between LAN & WLAN. Access point is suitably applied in places difficult or impractical to wire, and surroundings where mobile user interfaces are highly requested. Atop access point has a IEEE 802.11g/b 54Mbps wireless network. The access point has a firewall and packet filtering. Access point features wireless client isolation and security. The access point has an easy configuration and windows based utility programs. The access point has an operating temperature of 0 to 60C and the storage temperature of access point is -40 to 70C.

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