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Established in 1979, ATEN International Co, Ltd has been the leading provider of IT connectivity and management solutions. We offer KVM switch, professional audiovisual, and Intelligent Power solutions. Our company connects, manage and optimize electronics in companies, governments, industrial manufacturing, academic education and retail environments to name a few. ATEN has 500+ issued international patents and a global R&D team that produces a constant stream of innovative solutions, resulting in a comprehensive portfolio of 500+ products available worldwide. Our company is headquartered in Taiwan and has grown to include subsidiaries and regional offices in China, Japan, Korea, Belgium, Australia, the U.S., the U.K., Russia, Turkey and India with R&D centers in Taiwan, China, and Canada.

KVM over IP Matrix System

KVM over IP Matrix System combines KVM over IP Extenders (KE Series) with KE Matrix Management Software (CCKM) to extend, control and monitor access to computers across an independent network with flexible configurations.

Benefits of using our KVM over IP Matrix System:

  • Effortless over IP Digital Media Extension
        Eliminates the distance restrictions via Cat 5e/6 or SFP fiber optic over an Ethernet network.
  • Exceptional Video Quality up to 4K
        ATEN's KE series delivers high-definition images up to 3840x2160 for stunning colors and razor-sharp video quality even with the most intense video streams.
  • Powerful Centralized Management
        ATEN's KE Matrix Management Software makes it easy to define connections and manage all KE devices over a network with an intuitive web based GUI.
  • Fast Switching
        The unique technology features instant switching between different video resolutions providing immediate viewing of critical information.
  • Unbeatable Video Wall Versatility
        The native video wall functionality allows users to create multiple video walls, offering outstanding flexibility and scalability without need for a separate video wall processor.

KVM over IP Switches

ATEN's 4th generation KVM over IP switches provides unparalleled video quality, unbreakable security and faster than you thought possible Virtual Media transmission.

Our KVM over IP Switches provide:

Stunning Viewing Experience

ATEN KVM over IP switches, integrated with a new, more powerful FPGA graphics processor, provides the ultimate desktop viewing experience. Local and remote consoles can now display a server's UI with an amazing 1920 x 1200 resolution. With the series, static graphics appear sharp and vivid without blurs or artifacts, and video performance is smooth and lag-free.

Fast Virtual Media

ATEN's KVM over IP switch series provides extremely fast Virtual Media transmission, faster than you could ever imagine. Effortlessly surpassing competitors, the series supports 2x faster transmission speeds and empowers users to maximize their work efficiency by minimizing waiting time.

Unbreakable Security

This product series implements strict security standards which provide secure remote authentication and access that meet government security mandates. The series is FIPS 140-2 compliant which adheres to U.S. federal government security requirements.

8 Port LCD KVM Switches

Building on ATEN’s renowned, space-saving approach to KVM switches – which integrates an LCD panel, full keyboard, and touchpad into a streamlined, 1U housing – the CL6708MW is a highly-scalable LCD KVM switch which features the ability to control up to 64 computers by cascading 8 additional CS1768 8-port LCD KVM switches. Featuring an integrated 17.3" LED-backlit LCD panel capable of full HD 1080p video – greater clarity than typical analog interfaces – the CL6708MW incorporates the YUV video format for greater compatibility with high-definition signals (e.g. NVR sources).

Similarly, the CL6708MW is High-Bandwidth Digital Content Protection (HDCP) compatible, making it well-suited for use with content-protected media in corporate, educational, and commercial settings. To further enhance usability, ATEN’s LED illumination light is included to ensure keyboard and touchpad visibility in low-light conditions.

16 Port Cat 5 Dual Rail LCD KVM over IP Switch

ATEN's 16 Port Cat 5 Dual Rail LCD KVM over IP Switch features an independently retractable, dual slide 19" LED-backlit LCD monitor and keyboard with built-in touchpad. The KL1116VN (16 Port Cat 5 Dual Rail LCD KVM over IP Switch) switches allow local console and remote over IP access for operators to monitor and manage their entire data center locally at the switch, and over a network using a web-based browser. In addition, they offer out-of-band access with external modem support for BIOS-level troubleshooting when the network is down.

To help manage and control an entire data center, the 16 Port Cat 5 Dual Rail LCD KVM over IP Switch support blade servers and chassis with powerful new features such as Power Association which allows KVM ports to be associated with ATEN PDU power outlets for power management of servers from the KVM switches’ user interface. With ATEN KVM over IP switches, IT administrators can manage their server rooms and data centers from practically anywhere – minimizing travel costs and MTTR (Mean Time to Repair) – ensuring the highest availability of data center services possible.

4 Port DisplayPort KVM Switches

The ATEN CS1924 (4 Port DisplayPort KVM Switches) offers an unprecedented performance of delivering 4K resolution, the next generation USB 3.1 Gen 1 hub with SuperSpeed 5 Gbps data transfer rates and enhanced user-friendly operations. As a KVM switch, the CS1924 (4 Port DisplayPort KVM Switches) allows users to access four DisplayPort computers from a single USB keyboard, USB mouse and monitor console. Doing so with ease, the CS1924 provides three convenient switching methods – using front panel pushbuttons, mouse, or hotkeys for flexible access to any computer connected to the installation.

The unique independent switching feature allows the KVM control to focus on one computer while the USB peripheral focus is on another computer. This eliminates the need to purchase a separate USB hub or stand-alone peripheral sharer – such as a print server, modem splitter, etc. With its rich feature set, the CS1924 is designed to surpass all requirements in graphic design, animation, and video-editing applications. Such as CAD/CAM (computer aided design/manufacturing).

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