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Artila Electronics is a rising business entity in the industrial computer domain. A staunch supporter of pervasive/ubiquitous computing, Artila’s vision postulates that computing will environmentally integrate itself by becoming omnipresent. The future will witness computation and information being accessible at any given location or time.

The prevalence of computation will not just be restricted to computers but will permeate to other devices as well. These “smart devices” could be mobiles, cars, tools, appliances, clothing and various consumer goods – all adapting to a colloquial method of communication through progressive and interconnected networks.

Artila is committed to proffering consistent, efficacious and cost-effective solutions for the customers' application. With a client-relationship based on honesty and mutual respect, Artila Electronics remains incessant in achieving complete customer satisfaction. 


Artila's mission is to empower device manufactures and system integrators to realize pervasive computing by providing quality products and OEM/ODM service to help our customers to incorporate Ethernet connectivity, Web service and embedded computing into their products and solutions.

Artila centers its focus on ARM-core RISC CPUs with embedded Linux / Free RTOS solutions, coupled with Artila's experience of over a decade in RS-232/422/485 / CAN and TCP/IP networking.

Artila's variegated range of products comprises of Intelligent IoT Gateway, IoT Device Platform, ARM/Linux box computers, ARM/Linux system-on-modules, Programmable Automation Controller, Web-based Remote I/O, and Industrial Communication Gateway.

Intelligent IoT Gateway Matrix 504

Matrix-504 is an Industrial Box Computer, powered by a 400MHz ATMEL ARM9 AT91SAM9G20 RISC CPU and endowed with 128MB SDRAM as well as a 128MB NAMD flash memory. In addition to this, it is also equipped with a 2MB Data Flash.


Characteristically, the Matrix-504 integrates one 10/100Mbps Ethernet, four high speed RS-232/422/485 serial ports and two USB hosts into a compact 78x108x25mm metal box. System configuration and software debugging is facilitated by a serial console port. Matrix-504 is paired with a DIN RAIL mounting kit which simplifies either wall or DIN Rail mounting.

Industrial Box PC Matrix-513

Matrix-513 is an innovative Industrial Box Computer, designed for applications of remote device management which require unswerving wired and wireless communications, low power but a powerful computing platform. Matrix-513 comes with two miniPCIe slots which can accept COTS Wireless LAN, Bluetooth, GPS and cellular 3G miniPCIe cards.


The dual independent 10/100Mbps Ethernet ports of Matrix-513 provide a flexible and steadfast wired communication and the four RS-232/422/485 serial ports efficiently connect to the serial devices. Additionally, Matrix-513 is outfitted with two isolated digital inputs and one relay output which can be used for device status monitoring and alarm.

Programmable Automation Controller 4070

Programmable Automation ControllerPAC-4070 boasts of a robust metal casing with a DIN-Rail mounting kit attached on the rear. Powered by 400MHz AT91SAM9G20 ARM9 Processor and a memory management unit, PAC-4070 is equipped with 64MB SDRAM, 128MB NAND Flash, and 2MB Data Flash.


 This highly sophisticated component also consists of 4 x 16-bit isolated A/D channels, 4 x 2500Vrms opto-isolated digital inputs and 4 x high-drive isolated digital outputs. PAC-4070 integrates two 10/100Mbps Ethernet, two RS-232 serial ports, two RS-232 or isolated RS-485 ports, two USB hosts and one Micro SD socket into a compact metal box. PAC-4070’s onsite installation is easily executable due to the availability of a DIN-Rail.

Remote IO Module RIO-2010PG

The Web-based Remote I/O, RIO-2010PG, is mechanized by a 32-bit NXP LPC1768 100MHz ARM Cortex M3 processor which comprises of 64KB SRAM 512KB Flash and Free RTOS operating system.

The industrial I/O of RIO-2010PG features one 10/100MHz Ethernet port, one full modem RS-232, one isolated RS-485, eight channels of relay, 16 photo-isolated digital inputs and one 1-wire interface which facilitates temperature or humidity sensors.

Industrial Communication Gateway

Aport-212PG is an Industrial Communication Gateway built with 32-bit NXP LPC1768 100MHz ARM Cortex M3 processor which in turn features 64KB SRAM 512KB Flash, 10/100Mbps Ethernet and two RS-232/485 serial ports. Aport-212PG comes with Free RTOS, which is foremost in the market and professionally developed.


Aport-212PG is characterized by strict quality control, robust casing and the freedom to be embedded in commercial products. Coming to TCP/IP protocol stack, Aport-212PG supports lwIP, network connection and BSD socket library which makes programming flexible and effortless.


Apart from these state-of-the-art products, Artila Electronics also proffers OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturing) and ODM (Original Design Manufacturing) services which enable the production of custom-specified hardware and software. These services include:


  • Private Labelling
  • Software Customization
  • Hardware Customization
  • Chip or Firmware License


With a universal experience in product integration, Artila’s products are extensively used in power management, light control, access control system, parking facilities, solar energy system integration, environmental monitoring, and numerous other verticals.

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