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Key Products : NVIDIA Tegra GPGPU & Solutions, General Purpose Industrial Graphics Cards, Embedded MXM GPU Modules, Rugged GPGPU Boards, Multi-Display Graphics Cards

Aetina is known for providing industrial graphics cards and GPGPU solutions for industrial embedded applications. Our company features a diverse range of products for operation in critical imaging applications applied in medical, defense and aerospace, factory automation, gaming, transportation, outside signage and more markets.

Aetina focuses more on the industry specific form factors and high reputable GPU-accelerated computing solutions. The commitment of Aetina is long-term support. We stand together with customers through close technical partnership as well as our trusted hardware and firmware customization services.

Our product range includes:

  • Industrial Graphics Card
  • Computer on Module

NVIDIA Tegra GPGPU & Solutions

Our company provides NVIDIA Tegra GPGPU & Solutions using leading NVIDIA® Tegra® SoCs and Jetson™ SoMs that offer high-performance, low-power consumption for deep learning and visual computing.

Controlling the GPGPU for industrial control systems helps you to exploit the power of NVIDIA's GPU CUDA cores. They help to develop and deploy the edge compute-intensive devices for automous robotics, computer vision, drones, IVA and mobile medical. We built ready-to-ship Tegra solutions including COM Express® compact Type 6 module and functionality carriers and developer kits to speed up product development time and keep customer’s time to focus on their own domain know-how.

We also provide the OS customized system software integration service and further ODM/JDM to fulfil the demand. This service is helpful to back up the customization and flexibility demands of versatile applications.

General Purpose Industrial Graphics Cards

We offer the General Purpose Industrial Graphics Cards that uses NVIDIA's the latest Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) in PCI, PCI Express x1 and x16. These general purpose graphics cards are designed with features such as multi-displays, small form factor, low power consumption, fanless, two-ball-bearing cooling fan, industrial-grade components, 4K resolution etc. These functionalities fulfill and exceed the unique requirement of a wide range of industrial applications.

Embedded MXM GPU Modules

Aetina’s Embedded MXM GPU Modules are thinnest, compact and high performance COTS solutions, leveraging the advanced GPU parallel processing from NVIDIA GPU to deliver outstanding computing performance, power efficiency, and the latest GPU benefits based in MXM 3.0/3.1.

These MXM Graphics cards are ideal solution for performance demanded and size, weight and power (SWaP) constrained embedded systems in applications of defense and aerospace, medical imaging, ground vehicle, UVA, avionics, VR and mores as they contain superior graphics and high-level GPU computing capability.

Beyond the commercial requirements, to meet customers’ specific-requirement in harsh environments and critical missions, the rugged level MXM GPU modules in wide operating temperature range (-40°C to +85°C ) and conformal coating are in services for resistance hard conditions.

Rugged GPGPU Boards

Aetina provides the Rugged GPGPU Boards (GPU accelerated graphics cards) targeting the mission-critical faced by defense, vehicles, automation, maritime and more embedded applications. The Rugged GPGPU Boards series includes Compact PCI Express as well as industry-specific XMC and VPX form factors, enabling comprehensive GPGPU computing for embedded systems normally operating in harsh condition.

The use of Electroless Nickel with Immersion Gold (ENIG) surface finished PCBs, we designed the boards inherently more corrosion resistance than standard printed circuit boards. Furthermore, the wide range operating temperatures and conformal coating services are adding the resistance to environmental hazards like dust, moisture, chemicals and solder joint corrosion, hence increasing product lifetime and system reliability.

Multi-Display Graphics Cards

Aetina Multi Display Savant (MDS) series stride the monitor boundaries; enlarge your insight with an extended display. Delivering high-resolution quality image and seamless multimedia experience across up to 12 displays based a graphics card with single NVIDIA® GPU, the MDS™ series are ideal solutions with flexibility, productivity and reliability for digital signage, display walls and any of multiple monitors deployment in business, industry, enterprise and mission-critical environments.

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