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Key Products : Embedded System, Embedded SBC

Acrosser Technology, the best partner for innovative digital health solutions

Since 2000, many countries have begun to vigorously promote and develop health information technology.

For example, Canada government has committed 1.1 billion CAD to Canada Health Infoway program to address the health infostructure priority. Same year, the United Kingdom proposed a £ 6.2 billion plan, the National Programme for IT(NPfIT), to provide essential services to support patient care and the smooth operation of the National Health Service (NHS). In United States, the Federal Health IT Strategic Plan 2011 – 2015 describes the Federal government’s strategy to improve health and health care for all Americans through use of health information and technology.

Acrosser Technology provides customers the solution of building secure wireless connectivity in the hospital setting

Acrosser Technology recently introduced a new microbox network appliance, the AND-J180/J190. At only 234.6 x 151.4 x 43.5 mm, its small size allows it to be stored anywhere in the hospital without taking up space used by other important medical equipment. AND-J180/J190 utilizes the Intel Bay Trail J1800/1900 System on Chip (SoC), and provides serious performance at an attractive price. AND-J180/J190 also comes with up to six gigabit RJ-45 Ethernet LAN ports to link up with networking devices around the hospital. It has 3 pairs of LAN ports (up to two of which are capable of LAN-Bypass) allowing uninterrupted network traffic. In addition, the unit has a mini-PCIe expansion slot for Wi-Fi Module that supports the latest 802.11ac standard.

Network Appliances manufactured by Acrosser realizes smart home security and elderly care!

Network Appliances manufactured by Acrosser is combined with an SBC Communication Application to provide a home-based, community supportive and institutionally supportive elderly care service system. They accelerate the development of medical elderly care and smart service integration, establish telemedicine service for elderly institutions, informatize home elderly care and medical communication & information solutions, and create an informatized platform for elderly institutions. With high-tech such as networks, cloud computing, medical networks, mobile internet and concepts, we provide elderly security surveillance, elderly health surveillance, outdoor care for the elderly and transportation with care houses equipped with robots, auxiliary tools and a well-planned smart space to establish a set of comprehensive smart elderly management systems and home protection systems.

Medicine 4.0 The Future Is Coming!

Medicine 4.0 include cloud computing and big data. Not only can it be used to collect and analyze data and prevention plans, more and more medical instrument requires high-speed data acquisition, analysis, and processing. As electronic medical record applications become more popular, once electronic medical records are leaked or tampered with, it will bring severe legal disputes between doctors and patients to the hospital. Therefore, network platform safety has become a key focus for hospitals.

In-vehicle intelligence application! Acrosser’s new generation product AIV-QM97V1FL is the exclusive solution for your industry

Acrosser is a leading global industrial computer manufacturer, which released the AIV-QM97V1FL fan-less series In-vehicle computer. It is based on Intel’s fifth generation Broadwell CPU that has great power efficiency ratio (super low power consumption & high performance) performance and uses a fan-less ultra-thin body design with reduced heatsink volume to lower the overall weight of the product. In addition, this computer can be equipped with M.2 2280 SSD, forming two storage areas with the 2.5-inch SSD to ensure high-speed access and super large capacity. It can also be equipped with the Sierra 4G LTE & GPS module, Wi-Fi & BT modules. The SIM card also uses a removable design to satisfy different needs by customers. Another thing worth mentioning is that the smart In-vehicle power management of this product can even allow customers to adjust the BIOS according to their own needs for control.