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PiezoMotor is a global leader in the development and manufacture of direct-drive, micro-motors based on piezoelectric materials. Piezoelectric motors are minute: this is one reason why it is not tough to meet space and performance demands which makes them an ideal replacement for the usual electromagnetic motors. Piezo LEGS® motors diminish total product size and deliver much greater precision. We are proud to be associated with leading companies of the world.


PiezoMotor was founded in order to meet the demands for micro-motor technology that has taken the world by storm. This would enhance and further develop the automation market for smaller more precise motors like in applications where traditional pneumatic cylinders cannot do the job.


With unique, patented products, in-house manufacturing and global distribution, PiezoMotor laid the foundation to grow rapidly. Today, we ship products to customers working with semiconductors, advanced optics, medical technology, automation, hand-held devices, etc.

Linear Electric Motors

Linear motors For OEM Applications range in force from a few Newton up to 450 N. The patented technology delivers single-digit nanometer resolution and direct friction drive with zero backlash. The piezoelectric motors are compact, often fitting where nothing else will. Used when traditional motor technologies fail to meet current space or performance demands. It features predictable sub-micron, direct-drive motion without backlash with resolution down to single nanometer level or below. Lack of gear-heads and linear screws reduces the overall size so that LT20 often fits where other motors won’t. In place, it delivers up to 20 N force and its friction drive ensures full-force, power-off locking. Any 'move-and hold' application that requires high precision, instant response and low power consumption will benefit from Piezo LEGStechnology. LL10, LT20 and LT40 are compact linear motors for build-in OEM applications. Totally non-magnetic motors are available.

Industrial Rotary Motors

This is the standard range of Piezo LEGS rotary motors.Piezo’s patented piezoelectric technology gives sub-microradian resolution while direct drive ensures motion with zero backlash, holding position without drawing current and react instantly when starting / stopping.It has a compact, high-torque, direct-drive piezoelectric rotary motor based on Piezo LEGS technology, features direct friction drive without backlash. Like other rotary motors in this series, users will often find room in spaces too small for traditional motors. Its friction drive ensures full-force, power-off locking. Piezo LEGS technology is ideal for ‘move-and hold’ applications that put a premium on precision, instant response and low power consumption. The smallest step resolution is sub-microradian. Totally non-magnetic motors are available.

Customized Motors

If you need customized products - customized linear motors/ rotary motors with preferred specifications for your application, Piezomotor is ready to help. Get a custom solution! Over the years, the organization has gained much experience with custom adaptations, both with mechanics and electronics. Piezo LEGSmotors also enjoy many options outside of the ordinary range. The company does an in-house sub-assembly of full-motion systems (i.e. motor, guiding, encoder).

Piezo LEGS Drives & Controls

PiezoMotor has developed a wide range of advanced drivers for the Piezo LEGS motors, from simple hand-held analogue driver to high competent micro-stepping drivers. Closed-loop driving is possible with the help of micro-stepping drivers. There are also possibilities for customers to integrate drive electronics to their own development.

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