Company : JS Automation Corp.

Category : Motors Drives and Motor Controllers

Key Products : PC based control card, Embedded System

JS Automation Corp. is a PC based control card maker, specializing in motion control technology. The company has previously acted as the system integrator on specific apparatus for 21 years. The company has focused its R&D capability on being a professional supplier of PC based control cards, embedded system, Servo driver/motor, step driver/motor and Ethernet module in recent years. The design philosophy behind its products of Servo driver/motor, step driver/motor and Ethernet modules is to share the common resources of PC software and provides users with cost effective and good quality products.

PC Based Control Card

PC based control cards are very popular these days. The automation application of PC based control cards needs the interfaces to bridge the computer and control devices. PC based control cards fill the gap between computer and control devices. The design of PC based control card is evolved considering the industrial environment. The quality, reliability and maintainability of PC based control card are for long term application.

PC based control card from JS automation includes digital I/0 cards, analog I /0 card, motion control card and encoder counter card. All these PC based control cards are designed for factory automation and building automation. A control system can be set up by adequate choice of PC based control cards and the entire task is left on just local wiring and program coding.

Embedded System

Embedded system is a computer system designed for specific application. But if the quantity is not large, the design is a heavy overhead of the total embedded system. To share common resources and keep particularity of an application, PCI104 embedded system is the best choice. JS automation pioneered the embedded system of uClinux ready ARM9 cpu board and matching digital i/o and analog i/o boards.

The CPU 6901 cpu board embedded system runs at 200Mhz with USB, IDE, COM with PC like interfaces.

DIO6216/6208 embedded system is photo isolated; I/O enables the On/Off control of industrial devices. AIO6328 embedded system analog I/O can access the analog input or output voltage to under control devices.

Embedded system ARM9 based CPU card at pc104 plus form factor and standard. One can expand I / 0 via the PC plus bus and running the system OS on free Linux.

Servo driver/Motor

Servo driver/motors available with JS automation are of wide usage and application. The motor size of servo driver/motor is from 400W up to 22 KW. The power supply voltage option is between 220 V and 400V in JS servo driver/motors. Controlling with pulse command or voltage command options is also available in servo driver/motors. JS automation provides servo driver/motor for accuracy and as a low cost solution.

Step driver /Motor

Step driver/motors available with the company are widely used. The motor sizes of the step driver/motors are from several kg-cm torque up to 66 Kg cm torque. Bi polar and unipolar driver are also available in JS step driver/motor.

Ethernet Module

Ethernet modules from JS are hugely popular. Ethernet module is used to control or monitor through Ethernet by digital I / 0 modules, analog I / 0 modules.

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