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Ever Elettronica is renowned as one of the preeminent component suppliers as well as supplier of complete motion control solutions to leading machine builders for industrial automation by means of synchronous stepper and brushless servomotors. We always aim to guarantee the high quality standard of the supplied products. We provide our components and hardware, software solutions to various industrial sectors such as Packaging, Labelling, Mechano-textile, medical, ceramics, printing, office automation, video surveillance, machine tools, and robotics and so on.

Our company offers competitive advantages to its clients. We have realized a wide range of control solutions for the control of machines used in various industrial sectors. The product range of Ever Elettronica is composed of complete open structured and ready-to-use hardware and software packages, existing of integrated drive lines and standalone programmable, PLCs with motion controller, gateway, HMI, software tools for the realization of custom applications by the client and, last but not least, drives and synchronous brushless and stepper motors of high quality and performance, suited for direct assembly on the load axle, and other electrical and mechanical automation components.

Packages of our company are ready to use, versatile and high reliable solutions, in open and closed loop, are foreseen of complete software tools developed to guarantee clients a fast and easy installation of their application. Ever Elettronica packages of ready-to-use, versatile and high reliable solutions, in open and closed loop, are foreseen of complete software tools developed to guarantee clients a fast and easy installation of their application. The consolidated application programs of Ever Elettronica for specific automation needs in various industrial sectors easily interact with the user by simplifying the development and performances optimization of the solutions.

High Efficiency Stepper Motors

High efficiency stepper motors are new 2/4 phases stepper motors series that provides advanced performances. High efficiency means up to 40% higher torque and a better torque supply with same mechanical sizes. We are one of the best stepper motors manufactures across the globe.

Characteristics of these stepper motors:

  • Well-finished and more precise construction
  • High quality components and possible customizations
  • Suitable for many different purposes

Main Motor’s Characteristics:

  • Low vibrations and resonances
  • F class wirings and high reliable magnetic materials
  • Excellent dynamic torque
  • Long lasting and high reliable bearings
  • Customization possibility also for small quantities

Advanced construction solutions:

  • up to 40% torque increase than standard motors

With same winding and mechanical size

  • Motor stator and rotor with optimized teeth air gap

For a better torque supply during rotation

  • Up to IP67 protection class
  • High voltage versions and/or with different

Insulation classes

  • motors in stock for quick deliveries

SW4 Ether CAT Stepper Motor Drivers

Stepper motor drivers, SW4 drives of Titanio series are based on Arm Core M4 technology. These stepper motor drivers are the programmable solution to control stepper motors with an accuracy, smoothness and noiseless never seen before for a stepper driver. The sinusoidal phase current with 'ELSE' technology keep the motor torque constant allowing smooth and noiseless movements.

Stepper motor drivers are available in compact sizes and they have high reliability. The main features of these motor drivers include low heat generation, high efficiency current set up, vectorial control, closed loop, auto tuning of motor control parameters.

Multiform Control Modes

Equipped with advanced safety features:


  • Integrated diagnostic
  • Separated power supply for logic and power
  • Fault monitoring and handling

Integrated Servomotor SM2A

Integrated servomotor SM2A is the programmable drive with integrated motor. SM2A closed loop integrated systems are the high performance devices, consisting of a Full Digital drive based on the precise pwm technology embedded in the f4d2 firmware to control the sinusoidal current, a 50 poles high torque motor and an optional encoder to control the torque, velocity and position of the motor in open as well as in closed loop for less noise, less heating, smooth motions and energy saving.

Integrated servomotor SM2A contains energy saving characteristics. They have low motor vibration and include protection class IP65. Other characteristics include no resonance, low heat production, low mechanical noise, wide power range, AC/DC power supply, closed loop of torque, velocity and position.

Multiple control modes

Equipped with Advanced Security Features:


  • Tested for direct unit installation
  • Built-in watchdog function
  • Malfunctions monitoring and handling
  • Buffering and on the field management of errors
  • Separated AC power supply for logic and power

SB4D Open Frame Programmable Stepper Motor Controller

SB4D are full digital programmable drives with field-bus for advanced motion control with reduced costs. The main features of these programmable stepper motor controller are stepless control technology, low motor vibration, closed loop, high speed and torque, no resonance, high reliability.

Multiform control modes

On board safety provisions:


  • Fully tested for direct installation unit
  • Built in watch dog functionality
  • Fault monitoring and handling
  • On field working errors buffering
  • Separated power supply for logic and power

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