Company : Dunkermotoren GmbH

Category : Motors Drives and Motor Controllers

Key Products : Linear systems, Planetary and Worm gearboxes and Brushless DC motors

Brushless DC motors (series BG)

The electronically-commutated DC motors can be combined with control electronics, gearboxes, and encoders in a modular system to provide a flexible, adaptable, market-oriented solution.

Linear Systems (ST)

Dunkermotoren Linear Systems is the inventor of the tubular linear motor. Simple and elegant, the tubular motor reflects an innovative approach to designing the optimal linear motor. Dunkermotoren motors set new standards for performance, ease of mechanical integration and cost-of-ownership. With over 25,000 motors shipped, Dunkermotoren Linear Systems is a world leader in the application of linear motors.

Planetary Gearboxes/ Worm Gearboxes

Dunkermotoren develops and manufactures gearboxes, which are notable for very compact design, low weight and excellent efficiency. The product portfolio includes planetary gearboxes and worm gearboxes.

Controllers / Gateways

In additon to motors and gearboxes, Dunkermotoren also offers controllers and gateways. The product range includes electronics for speed control, positioning and integrated SPS-functionalities. Fieldbus and Ethernet based communication interfaces are integrated.