Company : ANCA Motion Pty Ltd

Category : Motors Drives and Motor Controllers

Key Products : CNC Motion Control Systems AMC5, LinX Linear Motors, Multi Axis Servo Drives & Controllers, EtherCATĀ® IO Modules AMI5000

Improving Efficiency In CNC Machines

Even the smallest area of inefficiency can have a flow on effect throughout your business and negatively impact your bottom line.

Machine backlash is an issue that CNC businesses need to manage with precision for not only surface finishes and dimensional accuracy but also to help reduce the amount of scrap produced. Scrap is costly to your business financially as replacement of materials utilises time and money that could be spent better elsewhere within your business. Machine speed is another area that can have direct impact on your business.

If outdated machinery is slowing down the speed of production then it is effectively costing you money whilst also reducing your global output. Investing in new and more efficient machinery may require a financial outlay initially, but will reward you in the long run by reducing production costs and increasing your productivity, in turn, making your business more money and seeing a quicker return on your investment.

How A Tool Producer Keeps Its Edge

Myles Tool Company, Sanborn, NY, since 1977 has specialized in producing standard and special carbide cutting tools for the aerospace, automotive and medical sectors. A one-stop shop for standard tools, regrinds, and special tools made to customer requirements, Myles has grown by investing in new machines and high quality equipment.

Looking for a way to reduce grinding cycle times and improve cutting tool quality in order to satisfy customer requirements, Myles most recently invested in an ANCA MX7 Linear CNC tool grinder with linear motors. Over the years the company purchased a total of 13 ANCA CNC tool and cutter grinding machines. Seven of these machines are the MX7 model.