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Based in Taiwan, LYMCO designs, manufacturers and supplies CNC machines across the globe. Our company gives utmost important to quality policy and we make sure that LYMCO machines continue to function for years to come. Our customers get quality machines that perform 100% to specifications and our engineers carry out two detailed quality assurance inspections and test-run every single machine prior to shipment. Our company has professional staff engineers who can help troubleshoot problems on any machine after delivery. We design, manufacture and supply within and beyond the specs of our clients.

Vertical Turning Lathe Machine – Dv Series

Vertical turning lathe machine – DV series is designed and built to be highly customizable to accommodate special needs such as longer turning stroke, larger turning diameter, and higher production capacity. All vertical turning lathe machine – DV series can be equipped with Y-axis to provide full milling center capacity.

DV-1000MTB, the latest and smallest model, is a vertical turning center + Y axis moving column, which allows one setup for turning, milling, drilling and tapping.

CROSS BEARING TABLE DESIGN: Cross-bearing design of hydrostatic pressure rail and cross-tapered roller bearings

STANDALONE TOOL CHANGER: Tool change at any crossrail (W axis) position. Tool to Tool time in 30 seconds.

RAM LIVE SPINDLE: Equipped with steel forged ram with 300x300mm cross sections to handle heavy applications and delicate cuts alike.

MULTI-TASKING LIVE TOOLING: Standard optical scale on C axis to provide excellent milling, drilling, tapping, and threading performance.

FULL 3 AXIS MILLING CENTER: Enabled by Y-axis capacity combined with automatic milling heads allow highly flexible job assignment.

Vertical Turning Centre RAL

Vertical Turning Center RAL majorly focuses on general turning needs of everyday shops. They are designed with octagonal ram and hydrostatic table; the RAL vertical lathe can handle deep cuts. Our vertical turning center RAL also enjoys a good clearance for internal boring.  Upon adding the C axis function, the vertical turning center RAL is capable of milling, drilling, and tapping on a workpiece right after turning. The movable cross rail provides flexible high and low profile setup. Optimal radial tooling is available for horizontal jobs.

CROSS BEARING TABLE: Dual system of floating hydraulic and taper rollers for axial and radial cutting force.

OCTAGONAL RAM: The octagonal ram has the strength to handle heavy turning jobs and a better clearance to reach internal bore holes.

CROSSRAIL: 15°slant bed designed for RAL-16 and RAL-20. Hardened to 56 degrees rockwell precision ground, hand scraped box guide way.

LIVE TOOLING C AXIS: Available to mill, drill, and tap in a single setup greatly reduce the second machining process.

Vertical Turning and Milling Vertum

European Turning Table: Highly accurate 5-axis contouring with Italian made LCM table to achieve high accuracy of work piece.

High Speed Mold Making Spindle: from high quality Taiwanese made spindle to Swiss IBAG spindle, the selection is flexible yet identical good results can be produced

Rigid Structure Design: structure of LZ-600-5AX is made especially for mold making. Rigid ribbing of frame were designed to be anti-bending and vibration dampening.

5 Axis CNC Machining Center - MCV-M11-5AX

5 Axis CNC Machining center (MCV – M11-5AX) provides a simple solution for small and medium size shops that requires 5-axis capacity. These vertical machining centers provide a simple configuration with Swivel head (B axis) and Rotary table(C axis). The machine can be easily setup as 3+1, 3+2, or 4+1 axis based on shop's actual needs. Like all LYMCO 5-axis machines, MCV-M11-5AX went through a rigorous testing and inspection cycle to assure the performance when commanded.

EASY TO INSTALL: Put machine into place with a fork lift; start production immediately.

SETUP: Eliminate multiple setups on different facing and angular drilling jobs

JOBS: Machinist can reach any angles for drilling and taping, and with fewer concerns about tool interference.

5 Axis CNC Machining Center - MV-5AX

5 Axis CNC Machining Center – MV- 5AX is based on popular European travelling column (Head-Table) concept. All three axes of CNC 5 Axis Machines Centers are isolated from the work holding area. The embedded rotary table of 5 Axis CNC Machining Center – MV- 5AX can be as big as 800mm to house a cutting envelop of ø820X500mm. The extra stationary table length makes it possible to machine very heavy and long workpiece with 3+ 1 or 4 axis capability.

Highlights of 5 Axis CNC Machining Center – MV- 5AX:

COMPLETE 5 AXIS WORKING ENVELOPE: 3-axis milling up to 5-axis simultaneous machining of parts to applications in the aerospace industry.

EASY TOOLING ACCESS: Excellent to move the tool in positions that increases the machining center’s access to features at different angles or on different faces of the parts.

FLEXIBLE WORKING AREA: Large work area from 2,000mm x 600 up to 6,000mm x 800 on 4 axis. 5 axis pendulums machining of smaller workpieces can be done on ø800 mm rotary table.

HIGH SPEED SPINDLE: Standard milling spindle 18,000rpm and moving column pivot in Swiveling head ±110°(A-axis) with embedded Rotary table 630mm (800mm)(B-axis)

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