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Breton S.p.A was founded in 1963 by Marcello Toncelli, who perceived the enormous potential in developing a market which was absolutely innovative and at the time practically unexplored in the engineering sector.

The company occupies a land area of approx. 81.000 m2, of which 50.000 are covered, and employs about 650 persons. Breton has been awarded the ISO 9001 Quality Certification and the ISO 14001 Certification. In the nineties, Breton forced its way in the field of high speed numerical control machining centres, becoming in few years one of the most important manufacturers in the world. Breton's machining centres stand out and are well-known thanks to their top technological level, superior production performances, groundbreaking solutions and undisputed quality of the product/service system offered to its customers.

Breton holds the exclusive right on the "Metal quartz" technology applied to the sector of high speed machining centres, which allowed to considerably increasing the machining performances. In the course of time, Breton developed a full range of machining centres, that satisfy all the requirements of the following industrial sectors: Aerospace, Defence, Aeronautics, Automotive, Naval, Motor Racing, Gears, Energy, Die, Automotive and Naval Modeling and Prototyping, General Manufacturing Industry.




5 Axis High Speed Milling Machine

5-axis high-speed machining centre the ideal solution for milling medium and large size work pieces in steel, aluminum, composite materials and resin.

Rigidity and high dynamics are distinctive features of this 5-axis machining centre making it ideal for machining a multitude of components and products at high speeds with maximum milling performance.

Matrix specializes the speed of the linear axes which reaches up to 40m/min, to the Direct Drive head with a rotational speed of up to 100 rpm and to continuous rotation of axis C, this 5-axis high-speed machining centre is the perfect solution for specific production requirements as profiling complex work pieces with 5 continuous axes ensuring and guaranteeing maximum machining precision and performance.  The direct drive twist head which can be positioned at any angle thanks to the powerful hydraulic brakes also allows for fitting spindles up to 40 kW with a rotational speed of up to 28,000 rpm incorporating into this machine powerful milling performance across a choice of materials as light and specials alloys which are used primarily in the aerospace industry for manufacturing precision components.

Eagle CNC Vertical Milling Machine

5-axis vertical high-speed machining centre designed for milling light alloys, composite materials and resin.

EAGLE has choice of configurations allowing you to perform complex machining jobs with maximum flexibility, performance and efficiency with work ranges spanning from 2000x2500x1000 mm to 10500x5000x2500 mm and over.

Maximum production flexibility thanks to the possibility of setting up the work area for machining single pieces or for shuttle batch operations. Maximum operational flexibility thanks to improved visibility of the work area and to the double access, front and rear, facilitating loading and unloading operations, tooling and machining monitoring.

Ultrix CNC multitask machining

5 or 4-axis cnc high-speed multitask machining centre, the ideal solution for milling, horizontal/vertical turning and grinding operations of medium size work pieces in super alloys, steel, aluminium and composite materials.

The Ultrix machines are multitasking 4/5-axis cnc machining centres with a vertical spindle, rotary tilting table, mobile crossbeam and gantry structure. 

This range includes various models: 800 4-axis, 800 RT and Ultrix 1000 and 1000 RT HD.

Flymill CNC Vertical Machining

Interpolated 5-axis CNC vertical machining centre designed for milling medium, large and very large work pieces across various materials as steel, aluminium, composites and resin.

The amply dimensioned table, structural rigidity and operational travel distances allow these machining centres to operate in a single area or in a shuttle configuration, linear axis speed is 40m/min and can reach up to 60m/min.  The twist heads, with a continuous rotation of axis C,  axis A rotation from  -105° up to +120°, rotational speed up to 100 rpm and 40kW electro spindle,   make this solution the perfect choice for high-speed machining operations of complex work pieces as it operates along the 3 dimensions in simultaneous. Machine operation and programming is simple and user friendly.  Thanks to the possibility of axis “A” rotating 120°, it is possible to machine complex undercuts without repositioning the work piece.

The 5-axis FLYMILL range of machining centres offers four models – FLYMILL 1000, 1300, 1600 and 2000.

The main difference between the models is vertical and horizontal travel – 2,500mm, 4,000mm and 3,500mm – whereas longitudinal travel spans from 2,000mm to 8,000mm and over.

maxima multipurpose vertical machining

High speed multipurpose vertical machining centre with 6 continuous axes, for milling and vertical turning of parts with a diameter from 1.200mm up to milling, vertical turning and grinding of medium and big size parts.

Our 5-axis mill-turn machine MAXIMA is the perfect solution for turning, milling, boring and tapping work pieces with complex 3-D components  used in the aeronautical, energy and precision engineering industries. A single machine for transforming raw materials into finished product minimising work piece repositioning times.

These new mill and turn machining centres are powerful and dynamic thanks to the robust structure and milling/turning table available in diameters up to 3,000 mm with an operational torque of up to 28,000Nm and 12,000 kg capacity.

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