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Key Products : Pneumatic Tools & Equipments, Pneumatic Spindles, Industrial Carbide Burs

Our mission for the past 100 years: To produce the best tools for metalworking

BIAX is a trademark of Schmid &Wezel, a Swabian family company founded in 1919. We have always developed and produced high-precision and high quality pneumatic and electric tools. All of our machines are manufactured in Germany and Switzerland and are tailored to the needs of the metalworking industry. Our wide range of hand-held air grinders offers the perfect solution for almost any deburring or grinding task. We offer a wide range of stationary pneumatic spindles with and without deflection for automated processing with robots or CNC machines. The BIAX range is rounded off by our other products such as pneumatic filers, saws, chisels, drills, electric scrapers, machines with flexible shafts and carbide tools.

Quality leader thanks to the highest vertical integration in production

Our modern production facilities which include in-house large machinery enable us to produce up to 90% of the components in-house giving the best possible control over the quality of our products. Each machine also undergoes a thorough inspection (performance, concentricity, functionality) before it leaves our factory. In this way we create sustainable value for our customers. The superior technology of BIAX products is reflected not least in the many well thought out details. This includes, for example, the high-quality materials from which all our equipment is manufactured. And the user-friendly design of the equipment, which is always orientated to the latest ergonomic findings relating to people in the workplace. And not forgetting the excellent quality and long-term reliability of our equipment. For us these properties are integral as a matter of course – for you they are essential! BIAX equipment is simply the best that you can find on the market.

You may expect a great deal from BIAX. At this very moment our designers in our development centres are working on the products that will set the standards of tomorrow. We also offer customized solutions. Our in-house repair shop will gladly overhaul your used BIAX equipment at fixed prices.

Our products group include:

  • Pneumatic Tools
  • Pneumatic Spindles for Automated Applications
  • Accessories
  • Tungsten Carbide Burrs
  • Machines with Flexible Shafts
  • Power Scrapers

Pneumatic Tools

Pneumatic Tools are also known as Air-powered tools or Pneumatic tools. They are the type of power tool, driven by compressed air, supplied by an air compressor. Pneumatic Toolshave a higher power-to-weight ratio that allows a lighter, smaller tool to complete the same task. They are safer to run also.

BIAX provides the best pneumatic tools & equipments to carry out deburring or grinding tasks. Our tools have high-speed grinders to accomplish finest deburring jobs, including with oil-free motors, high powered low-speed grinders for the toughest applications, angle grinders. Our company’s pneumatic saws are apt to perform car body work and works in explosion hazard areas.

Our tools help you to debur easily as they contain straight or angled drilling deburrers. Biax is one of the foremost Pneumatic tools manufacturers across the globe providing the best customer-specific solutions.

Advantages of buying our products:

  • BIAX pneumatic tools are extremely tough and resilient.
  • If your machine breaks at some point, you can send it to our in-house repair service.
  • Our experienced repair technicians assist you to make your repaired machines run again at a very reasonable fixed price.

Sub-products of this category are:

  • Grinders (Straight and Angled)
  • Files
  • Belt Sanders
  • Saws
  • Drills
  • Screw driving
  • Drill Deburring (Straight and Angled)
  • Chiselling and Engraving

Pneumatic Spindles

BIAX manufacturers and supplies Pneumatic Spindleswith high-quality. Our company is the global leader in providing automated deburring solutions. Our Pneumatic Grinding Spindleshelp you by providing almost inexhaustible supply of stationary pneumatic tools including simple stationary spindles at different speeds (including with oil-free motors), via fillers and drilling deburrers, to spindle fittings with deflection and quick-change systems.

We strictly follow the quality principles in providing automation solutions and reliability of components play a key role.BIAX’s compressed air spindles have proven that they are among the best in the market and can satisfy any quality requirements in a multitude of systems across the globe.

Our company has been working with specialized system integrators who have successfully automated various deburring projects for many years. We are capable to perform own tests on your parts as we have a Fanuc M10ia robot.

Sub-products of this category are:

  • Straight Spindles
  • Spindles with angle head
  • RSC Modular System
  • Spindles with Deflection
  • Oscillating Drives
  • Drill Deburring Spindles

Flexible Shaft

Flexible Shafts are used for transmitting rotary motion between two objects that are not fixed relative to one another. Being the foremost Flexible Shafts Manufacturers around the world, we offer three motors of different power classes, along with matching shafts and numerous hand-pieces (straight, angled, filers, belt-sanders).

We also have special solutions such as super-flexible shafts or shafts with stiff extensions in our range. Shafts against overloads will be safeguarded through our innovative slip-clutch and help to extend their standing time. Biax, Flexible Drive Shaft Manufacturer produces flexible shafts in Hilsbach, Germany, where the specialists of ‘BIAX flexible power’ have been manufacturing high-quality flexible shafts for a multitude of industries.

Sub-products of this category are:

  • Drives
  • Flexible Shafts
  • Hand pieces

Tungsten Carbide Burrs

Burrs are raised edge or small piece of material remaining attached to a work piece after a modification process. They are mainly created by machining operations, such as drilling, milling, grinding, turning and engraving.

BIAX is the world’s leading manufacturer of Industrial Carbide burrs for companies requiring a comprehensive range of machines. With three state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, BIAX designs, manufacturers and supplies the most widely used Cutting Burrs in the world. We offer burrconfigurations and specifications to suit every ferrous and non-ferrous application, ensuring efficient stock removal and optimum surface finish.

Power Scrapers

BIAX’s electric Scraperplays a crucial role when scrapping guide tracks for large machine tools, either for new constructions or retrofitting. The BIAX electric scraper enhances productivity by approximately 70% when compared to manual scripting. Different weight classes machines are available for scrapping.

We will provide the right machine for you whether you need it for pre-scrapping or finishing. We also have a half-moon scraper for pattern scraping or oil pocket scraping, as well as a pneumatic scraper in our range.

Our product range also includes numerous accessories, such as scraping blades and scraping plates made of hard metal, spotting paint, books and an instructional DVD.

Our Scraper product range also includes:

  • Scraping Machines
  • Scraping Blades and Blade Holders
  • Other Scraper Accessories

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