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Category : Human Machine Interfaces (HMI)

Key Products : Embedded PC, Embedded Modules, Embedded Platforms

TQ Group, founded in the year 1994 by Detlef Schneider and Rüdiger Stahl got its first ISO9001 certification in the same year. The company has been innovating and re-inventing technology supporting different industries like automotive, drive technology, energy, building automation, industrial automation, aerospace, medical, telecommunications, transportation, etc.


Embedded PC, Embedded Modules, Embedded Systems, Embedded Platforms, Drive systems, Smart Metering, Spectrometer, Wireless video are the products from TQ Group that serve different industries catering to the requirements.


TQ Group's manufacturing areas (SMD, THT) are fitted with the latest and most advanced machinery to manufacture modules on par with the changing industry standards and technical requirements. TQ Group's seven production sites are flexible and capable of relocating as per production orders and demand to ensure high quality.


Leading E²MS provider (Electronic Engineering and Manufacturing Services)

As a Leading E²MS provider, TQ offers a complete range of services from development to production and service all through the product life cycle management. As an electronics service provider (E²MS supplier and CEM), the company provides services like assemblies, equipment and systems including hardware, software and mechanics. All services can be availed by customers on a modular basis individually or as a complete package based on their requirement.


Whether hardware, software, layout or mechanics - TQ Group, as system service provider / E²MS (Electronic Engineering and Manufacturing Services) supports the project right from the inception with a development team of 150 persons approximately. Their expertise is backed with extensive years of experience and knowledge in various branches.

Modular Embedded PC’s

Embedded PC building blocks x86 is developed within the Intel® Embedded Building Blocks Initiative and in a PC-like embedded space. TQ Group is also offering a modular Embedded PC platform based on COM Express and Qseven.

The COM Express mainboard (carrier board) MB-COME-1 comes in combination with a standard COM Express module, which forms a very compact hardware kit that can be used for a freely scalable embedded PC platform. Because of this - with uniform interfaces and mechanical dimensions - the PC system can be easily adjusted to suit the requirements of the application. All credit goes to the modular design.

The Qseven mainboard (carrier board) MB-Q7-2 comes in combination with a standard Qseven 2.0 (x86) module that forms an ultra compact hardware kit. With the new Intel® Atom™ family E3800 (BayTrail"), a very economical and extremely powerful embedded PC is available. Compact design with 10 cm x 10 cm x 2, 3 cm and the huge number of interfaces and functionalities allows the user to create high performance but passive cooled solutions like BoxPCs, PanelPCs and custom specific devices in a fast and convenient way. Another key aspect is security, which is supported by TPM 1.2/2.0, a Sentinel HL security controller and an integrated secure EEPROM that allows the user to realize a very secure embedded device.

Embedded ARM CPU Module

Embedded Modules (ARM) offer 100% design freedom, as all processor functions are accessible through the system connector. The company extends service from full design to software support guaranteeing fast time-to-market.

The TQMa28 Minimodule is based on the i.MX28 processor that offers a balanced ratio of computing and graphic performance. ARM926 core with up to 450 MHz is the basis for this module and its realized memory provides best system support. TQMa28 Minimodule is best suited for smart metering and for easy visualization text and control applications. A large number of interfaces and module functions are implemented in the CPU due to the high level of interface and function integration that allows us develop basic board easily and at low-cost.

The Minimodule TQMa6x is based on the processor i.MX6 from Freescale, which combines industry and multimedia. The integrated graphic controller supports displays with a resolution up to UXGA. Therefore the module is best suited for HMI and animated display screen and accordingly multi touch applications. With an ARM Cortex™ A9 core and a clock rate up to 4 x 1, 2 GHz the TQMa6x provides a balanced ratio between performance and power dissipation.

Embedded Module TQMP2020

Embedded modules based on freescale power architecture - TQMP2020 is the next generation of the well-known PowerQUICC III module family TQM85xx. The TQMP2020 is based on the P2020 dual core communications processor and FreescaleQ or IQ™ processor family P1 and P2 opens up the possibility of new applications in industry and communications. With one or two e500 cores and a clock speed ranging from 400 MHz to 2x 1200 MHz TQ module with its Q or IQ™ processors offers an optimal balance between data processing speed and power dissipation. Thanks to the 45nm technology employed that remarkably reduces the power consumption compared to PowerQUICC III modules. Another noticeable feature is the extended temperature range making it compatible with fanless systems.

The TQ mini module TQMP2020 is ideally suited to industrial applications where long-term availability, outdoor ambient temperatures and small sizes are important factors. In this respect, the module provides an excellent basis for quick and efficient networking by means of interfaces such as Gigabit Ethernet, PCIe and USB 2.0.

Embedded Data Logger

In addition to the standard products, TQ Group offers customer-specific products (ODM products) with comprehensive solution toolkit including tried and tested hardware, software and mechanical component modules. The ODM products focus on customer-specific solution.

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