Company : DFI Inc.

Category : Human Machine Interfaces (HMI)

Key Products : Industrial Fanless PC Box, COM Express Type 7, Digital Signage Computer, Medical Computing System, Fanless Embedded System EC800-AL

Ultra-Speed Data Transmission Boosts Up Your Server-Oriented Applications

The amount of data transmission on the Internet is rapidly increasing, resulting from the expansion of cloud computing. As the driving force of server equipment, embedded modules play an important role in processing and transmitting these massive data. However, the specifications and standards of the current modules are mostly for industrial purposes rather than server oriented design. The international organization “PICMG” defines that the standard “COM Express Type 7” should tailor to server-type module to fulfill the requirements of network intensive implementations.

DFI’s OPS100-SH Brings Future-Proofed Flexibility and Performance to Digital Signage Market

Featuring 3 display outputs with 4K resolution @ 60Hz and fully compliance with the Open Pluggable Specification Plus (OPS+), the OPS100-SH digital signage system provides exceptional multimedia solutions to high computing intensive digital signage and white board markets. The system leverages the latest server-grade Intel® Xeon® processor with ultra-high-resolution of up to 8K video playback. The OPS100-SH has high flexibility and scalability via the OPS connectors (JAE TX25A and 2nd connector) and supports PCIe x4 signal expansion and triple displays (1 HDMI + 2 DP).

What\'s More Thrilling - DFI\'s New Products with 7th Gen Intel® Core™ Processors

DFI’s upcoming boards with 7th Generation Intel® Core™ processor (code name Kaby Lake) bring customers overall enhanced experiences such as low-power with a TDP of 15W, increased CPU performance by 5%, visual enhancement with lower power consumption, and faster speed shift technology.

24/7 Stable Performance as Tough Challenge in IoT Generation

The demand for small form factors for space-constrained embedded application is increasing rapidly. In response to this requirement, DFI gladly introduces you to ultra-small size products which includes industrial motherboards and system-on-modules based on the new generation Intel® Atom™ processor E3900 series (code name: Apollo Lake). Compared to the last generation Atom (N3700 Series), the brand new DFI product family supports harsh environments and narrow space operations with 30% higher performance and impressively optimized energy efficiency. These products are ideally designed for IoT, automation, transportation, and medical applications.

Best Budget 7th Generation Core™ Processor Based Motherboards

The top trends for 2017 in embedded computing cover three themes: the merging of the richer interactive content, the advent of cloud computing everywhere, and the technology impact of ultra-high definition video shift.” DFI’s new series motherboards come with increased performance, Optane memory, power efficiency, and compelling graphics features that are provided by 7th Gen Intel® Core™ processors. To meet the rapidly changing demands of markets, motherboards powered by 7th Gen Intel® Core™ processors were developed as a direct answer to this trend.

See What’s New in Intelligent Healthcare

With gentle curved corners and pure white color blending in perfectly with medical scenarios, the DFI MD711-SU medical computing system features smooth surfaces and downward fin design to render a stackable system with safe and easy-to-clean shape. The medical-grade antibacterial finish inhibits bacterial growth and prevents system damage from erosive substances in medical cleanser. It is able to maintain an excellent hygiene in medical environments. Plus, MD711-SU also supports isolated I/O ports and expansion slots with intuitive interface design that not only power up the system with high-resolution imaging capabilities but offer effortless user experience.

What if You Could Have the Most Suitable Embedded Boards for Your IoT Solution?

As the Internet of Things (IoT) moves from buzzword to widely utilized, it has emerged more stable-computing industrial computers to connect devices, deliver trusted data to the cloud, and enable analytics. Realizing the need for this newer trend in this industry, DFI’s goal is to define and provide a perfect IoT gateway embedded board to process, analyze, store, and deliver data when and where it’s needed.

DFI presents first COM Express Type 7 modules based on Intel Atom® server-grade processor

Nowadays, data will be generated and copied quicker from IoT, fog computing, and big data analysis. Central clouds, data centers, micro servers, and other server oriented applications play an important role in processing and transmitting the massive data. However, the current COM Express type was designed to fulfill embedded solutions. The specifications and standards are mostly general features rather than server oriented features. Therefore, the latest system-on-module standard “COM Express Type 7”, developed by PICMG (, has been released to respond to and achieve those inquiries.

High-Performance Fanless Embedded Systems for Machine Vision

DFI’s EC500-SD series is a high-performance and compact embedded system equipped with 6th Generation Intel® Core™ i7/i5/i3 processors and Intel® Q170 chipset. It targets machine vision applications requiring high computing power and accurate real-time data transition with minimal footprint. These industrial computers also provide large numbers of I/O ports (PoE LAN ports and high-speed USB 3.0 ports to connect with industrial cameras, and up to 6 COM ports to integrate with PLCs) and multiple PCIe/PCI expansion to empower vision cards, graphic cards, or motion cards. This new series comes in 3 SKUs: EC500-SD, EC510/EC511-SD (one expansion slot), and EC531/EC532-SD (3 expansion slots) to satisfy your diversified requirements in vision systems, machine automation, and motion control.

DFI BT700 Module Trains Robots with Daincube DTP7-P Teach Pendant

A teach pendant simplifies robot programming, but the internal electronics must be high-performance, low power and ready to withstand the harsh conditions of a factory floor. Its internal electronics should have a high MTBF and be able to operate in industrial temperatures without requiring fan cooling. Daincube, a leading manufacturer of industrial robot controllers, chose the DFI BT700 Qseven System-On-Module (SOM) based upon the Intel Atom® processor when producing their DTP7-P teach pendant for industrial robots.

DFI’s Industrial-Grade Board Powers up Well-Connected Medical Video Recorder for Smart Healthcare

A total healthcare solution provider based in the U.S. was looking to build a medical video recorder to be integrated into their overall medical data management system that could capture detailed medical images/videos and enable real-time connectivity with the enterprise IT infrastructure. The equipment should demonstrate outstanding graphics capabilities, be able to connect to the database instantly, and conform to strict regulations imposed by government entities. Considering these requirements, DFI suggested the use our Mini-ITX HM101-QM87 motherboard to power this medical imaging device.

DFI’s New Gen Intel Core Fanless and Small Industrial Computer

As more and more balance is required among high performance, small size, and ability to be fanless in the embedded markets, DFI is glad to introduce to you a brand-new option: EC70A-SU/EC70B-SU industrial box PC powered by 6th Generation Intel® Core™ i7/i5/i3 processor (code name: Skylake). This small and fanless but powerful embedded computer series supports excellent computing, -20°C to +60°C temperature range, DDR4 onboard, Mini PCIe & M.2 for Wi-Fi/LTE/mSATA, and industrial high-speed I/O interfaces (up to 2 PoE, 2 GbE, 6 COM, and 6 USB 3.0) designed for smart factory, digital healthcare, transportation, and utilities & energy applications.