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OOP in IEC 61131-3 for experts

Elegantly solving the handling of data and call information with OOP After the introduction to object-oriented programming in automation technology, the benefits of the use of interfaces and the inheritance of function blocks was explained in the second of the series of articles. But how does one deal with data? How does one evaluate information about implemented interfaces? With the answers to these questions, expert features of object-oriented programming such as those available in the IEC 61131-3 programming system CODESYS are described.

Benefiting from OOP in IEC 61131-3

Realizing machine variants elegantly with dynamic binding The first article in the series on object-oriented programming in automation technology ("Goto OOP", SPS magazine 09-2012) has already shown that structured PLC programming leads step by step to genuine object orientation, as is familiar from high-level languages. What specific engineering advantages can the application programmer achieve as a result?



The logical path from functional to object-oriented programming.

The description of processes with the aid of programs is nothing new. Even the ancient Egyptians’ tomb inscriptions contained "program code", e.g. for the movement of a statue. Admittedly their programming language is neither standardized nor easy to understand… in comparison with that it is easy for programmers of industrial controllers to code their wishes - functional programming in the graphic or textual languages of IEC 61131-3 is cleanly standardized.