Company : M.H. Material Handling S.r.l.

Category : Handling Systems and Components

Key Products : Conveyors, Buffering Systems

M.H Material Handling is an Italian company with over 20 years of experience in material handling and internal plant logistics in every branch of industry including food & beverages, electro-mechanic, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, glass etc.


M.H. Material Handling has 30 years of experience in the automotive market and develops turnkey projects for assembly lines in all the fields of electromechanical and automotive industries.


M.H. has solid references in assembly lines for house-holding equipment, electric motors and components, automotive components such as filters and engine components.


Industrial Conveyors

The conveyors offered by M.H are engineered with modular conception so as to allow maximum flexibility in terms of assembly and future modifications. The M.H conveyors are substantiated either in Aluminum or AISI 304 Stainless Steel structure as standards. The conveyors, realized in Painted Steel or AISI 316 Stainless Steel, are available on request. The conveyors range of products offered by M.H Material Handling include BAT, BIFLEX, JOLLYFLEX, F6 Light conveyors and F7 Medium conveyors. M.H. has also developed a line of conveyors, the M-FLEX conveyors suitable for use with most plastic modular chains from the most important producers. In addition it has developed a new line of conveyors specially designed for handling stakered bakery products.

Buffering Systems

M.H is considered among the most reliable providers of buffering systems. It offers these buffering systems as multiple solutions for the buffering of products. The buffering systems are offered both for stocking and conditioning along the production line. The buffering systems offered by M.H Material Handling includes the BAT-Buffer and HELIFLEX. The M.H patented buffering systems, BAT are designed to give complete flexibility to the packaging lines. These buffering systems allow the packaging machines to continue the production without stops. In addition these buffering systems come with an added feature that allows the buffer to work in both directions with adjustable speeds, thus allowing absolute flexibility. The HELIFIEX buffering systems offered by M.H are been fitted by a unique type of chain patented by Rexnord, which allows the change in rotation in case there is need of fast restitution of the products. These buffering systems come with a feature that allows both buffering and conditioning cycle with warming or cooling of products.

Pallet Conveyor Systems

M.H is considered among the most reliable providers of pallet lines. These pallet lines are designed with specifications that best suit the requirement and working conditions. The selection of material in the manufacturing of pallet lines is such as to ensure their endurance and resistivity to different working conditions. These pallet lines are also designed to ensure enhanced durability and longevity. Their functional and technical experience enables M.H to provide pallet Lines of superlative quality. Thereby M.H offers these pallet lines with quality that is in accordance with the international standards. Exceptional technical and functional expertise coupled with extensive industry knowledge makes M.H Material Handling an obvious choice to opt for pallet lines.

Food & Beverage Logistics

With a flexible structure and high level engineering capabilities, M.H provides excellent plant logistics. It is a pioneer in the design and supply of plant logistics. It provides the plant logistics required for all the major industries. M.H has 20 years of experience in offering plant logistics for industries that include food & beverages, electro-mechanic, chemicals, pharmaceuticals and glass. Self equipped with excellent plant logistics, M.H is capable of offering the plant logistics required for all most all the processes in the above mentioned industries. These plant logistics are designed to be most reliable, durable and with enhanced endurance and resistivity to different working conditions. These plant logistics are also designed with ease of operation, maintenance and to yield high productivity.

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