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Category : Handling Systems and Components

Key Products : Linear Positioners, Gantry Robot System, Linear Motors, Gripper And Swivel

Dynamic Motion Technology (DMT) is incorporated in 2000 and is supplying the domestically developed Gantry Robot System and the Swivel & Gripper System, patented in the new slide method. We are capable to satisfy our clients who request high speed, exactitude and high load.

DM Technology has brought together a team of experts with proven track records to form a world class network that is fully capable of delivering new leading edge attractions. We commit through our rigorous approach in design, development, supplying to provide our clients with innovative technology solutions.

At DM Technology, we utilize the very best components and systems resulting in trouble-free products that have enduring appeal. Our proven track record of delivering industry leading quality, innovation and customer satisfaction can help you exceed your automation goals.

Since 2000, we have demonstrated a passion in supplying Gantry Robot System and the Swivel & Gripper System by developing specialized solutions to help our clients to increase efficiency, enhance quality, boost productivity, and deliver outstanding ROI.

DM Technology supplies Linear Motion systems which go way beyond the existing industry standards in performance and reliability. We will continue to provide customers with high-quality products and services as well as aim to become a global leading automation products manufacturer.

The product portfolio of DM Technology includes:

Linear Positioners

DM Technology offers a complete collection of Linear and Rotary Positioners in custom and standard configurations. The availability of Linear Motor Positioners ensures a best fit motion control solution. We offer products that contain accuracy and quality.

Gantry Robot System

DM Technology is the leading Gantry Robot Manufactures across the globe. Our company manufactures Industrial robots and gantry robots with utmost quality and we design them based on the requirements of our clients. We have developed and achieved the patent of ‘New Slide type Gantry Robot System’.

DMT is planning to make the world best gantry robot system and our product qualities have been proved to apply for automobile companies, NC factories and electronics companies for several years. This system satisfies our client’s requirements, who needs more speed, precision and heavy payload.

Technical Specifications:

  • High speed/ High precision/ Durability/ Maintainability by U-type roller guide-way structure
  • Speed: 4M/sec, Repeatability: +-0.1mm


Gripper and Swivel

DM Technology has been developing the Gripper and Swivel Systems for ourselves. We are one of the best Gripping Systems Industrial Manufacturers across the globe. We produce and assemble about 50 types of Gripper and Swivel Units, large-area vacuum gripping systems and Vacuum layer gripping systems.

Our company is equipped with mass production system due to standardization. These gripper systems are sold not only in Korea but also in China and other countries.


  • Lightweight and compact type
  • Small and light structure
  • Great Shredding Power
  • High Torque
  • High Reliability and long life

Linear Motors

Linear Motors are Private Technology brand, self-developed and patent technology brand of DMT.

Provision of best solution using source technology

  • High Speed Performance
  • Max. Speed 5M/sec => Productivity improvement by cycle time reduction
  • High Precision and Response
  • High level of precision and response by accurate closed-loop control system
  • Cost-effective, Clean room application
  • Cost-effective structure with non-magnetic secondary section of linear motor,
  • Clean room application and high durability with contactless operation
  • Long Stroke, Precision Transfer
  • High speed and high precision transfer for long-stroke application with non-magnetic stationary part of linear motor


  • Gantry Robot, Track Motion, Clean Room Application


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