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Category : Control and Instrumentation Systems Annunciators

Key Products : Pressure Monitors, Temperature Monitors

Seven Hill Fluid Power was conceptualised and established over two decades ago with the precise ideology of facilitating versatile products characterised by superior quality in the domain of control & automation industrial applications. This is attained by the means of designing, developing and delivering a multitude of measuring, monitoring as well as evaluative devices for a vast range of industrial processes and relevant instrumentation functionalities. The organisation’s pulse lies within the realm of marketing and application.

In the capacity of a consultative solution-provider, Seven Hills takes variables like pressure, temperature, flow as well as control into consideration while proffering their services. Their products integrate innovative technology and mechanisms which are most apposite to the Indian operational environment. Their solutions, on the other hand, incorporate a global view and futuristic acumen in terms of engineering techniques.

The measuring instruments catered by the firm are applicable in areas involving cement, power, steel, mining, chemical, sugar, bulk drug, formulation, infrastructure & BMS, petrochemical, soaps and detergents, fertilizers, paper, food stuff, cold storages & warehouses, apart from a multifarious other sectors.

The specific requirements and suitability of the clients is of paramount importance for Seven Hills. Therefore, they grant their services in close pre-sale consultation which work in accordance with the individual needs of each customer.  Their team of sagacious specialists and trained engineers strive to provide pre-sale consultations as well as post-scale troubleshooting advice and other solutions.

Data-logging solutions form a major part of Seven Hills’ services portfolio and they rely on the operational needs of the concerned enterprise soliciting their services. All of the instrumentation solutions offered by Seven Hills come at an affordable charge and serve to be optimum in terms of cost-effectiveness.

The firm also proffers plant surveys on request with no monetary expectations, thereby generating a vast goodwill within the industrial domain through their years of expertise and market presence.

Pressure Monitors

Pressure Instruments reading to data-logging is offered based on the application specific to the industry from Gauges, analog or digital to Paperless data-loggers (with software, for remote MIS). The measuring range can be offered from Vacuum to a pressure of 1400 bar.  Designed, compact and handy portable comparison test pump. This pump is water operated for calibrating pressure instruments to range of 400kg/cm2 or 600kg/cm2 and another heavy type is meant for, hydraulic oil operated to pressures1400kg/cm2.


  • Gauges
  • Transmitters 
  • Switches
  • Recorders

Temperature Monitors

Temperature & Humidity gauge to paper less data-loggers (with software, for remote MIS) are in our scope including sensors like; RTD (PT-100), thermocouple and thermo-wells.
The range includes Temperature Gauges, Digital Indicators (ABS / FLP Enclosure), Controllers (ABS / FLP Enclosure), Process Scanners (ABS / FLP Enclosure), Data-loggers (ABS / FLP Enclosure) and Temperature Calibration equipment (Universal Calibrator, Hand Held Temperature Digital Indicators, Hand Held Simulators mV / Ohms and Portable Dry baths).


  • Gauges
  • Sensors
  • Indicators & Controllers
  • Recorders
  • Scanners & Dataloggers

Flow Monitors

Flow measurement to meet any fluid flow catering to the measuring needs from raw water to processed water and mineral oil to edible oil. A variety of models are available based on methods of operating and depending on the principle of measuring techniques.


  • Variable Area Flow (Meters)
  • Process Flow( Turbine & MagFlow)
  • Oil Flow (Monitoring & Data for Control)
  • Flow Indicators & Totalizers

Level Monitors

Level monitoring offered from basic gauges to transmitters and controllers. Not just level but even to analyze volume of the media consumption based on experience in product selection. We are the only door service providers for Water Level Controllers with brand of our own “Cauvery” suitable for domestic to process industry.


  • Gauges & Indicators( Tubular, Float & Board)
  • Switches & Controllers( RF, Cap, Conductivity, Ultra & Radar)
  • Transmitters( RF, Capacitance, Conductivity, Ultra & Radar)
  • Tank Automation( Cauvery domestic, Infra & Industrial)

Control Valves

Any control action from simple on / off to positioned valve requirements are been served by the company


  • Solenoid( Pharma grade with TC ends) Valves
  • Diaphragm ( Pharma grade with TCX ends) Valves
  • Dust Collection( Pulse jet valves for ESP bag filters) Valves
  • Process Control Valves ( for linear response flow & pressure control)

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