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Key Products : 100/200/300 series controller, 700 Series Controller

Linear Systems caters to the requirements of various industries since 1986 with a wide range of burner controllers, gas boiler components, gas furnace components for boilers and furnaces. Linear Systems offers quality product and dependable services. As a quality conscious enterprise, Linear Systems have started with an aim to offer innovative and efficient systems to clients.


Range of products includes gas furnace components, burner controllers, flame rod amplifier, gas boiler components, burner sequence controllers, UV sensor and amplifiers, flame rod amplifier, burner controllers, flame sensors and flame amplifier. The company has immense expertise in manufacturing flame monitoring and evaluation systems in the process industry as per international standards.  Linear Systems has a support of world class manufacturing unit and a team of professionals, with which they could accomplish entire work orders within the scheduled time-frame. Linear systems’ result oriented and cost-effective services acknowledge themselves as a reliable OEM source for major boiler & furnace manufacturers.


Burner Sequence Controllers

Linear systems design and offer burner programmers, burner controllers and programmable sequence controllers which are preprogrammed to ensure the automatic working of gas/oil burners. They assist in managing safe start up of the burner and continuously monitor of the flame. These systems provide output for blower, ignition, solenoid valves etc. with prefixed timings for continuous flame supervision. Linear systems has burner sequence controllers for oil fired burners, gas fired either UV flame sensing burners or flame rod sensing. Burner controllers 107 M/S-FO/S-60/S-30/TU/P6 and LS-107 are from 100 series controllers that work for boilers or oil fired burners. Similarly 300 series controllers work for UV flame sensing gas burners. And 200 series is used for flame rod sensing gas burners.

Oil Gas Burner Controller

The 700 series burner sequence controllers are housed in an ABS plastic enclosure and has 70mmx110mmx105mm (L*B*H) overall size. The enclosure has a base and plug in controller module for easy replacement at sites. The models 710 - PR - MA (equivalent to MA-81O controllers) sensing by LDR, 712 - PR - 24 - PI4 (equivalent to LOA - 21 & LOA - 24 controllers) are used for Oil Fired Burners. Similarly the following models are used for Gas Fired Burners: 722 - FR - P5, where the flame sensing is done by using flame rod, 732 - UV - P5, where flame sensing is by UV sensor.

UV Flame Sensor & Detector

Linear systems offers a comprehensive range of UV sensors and amplifiers, which are used in various industries such as chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical etc. Offered in standard as well as customized specifications, these systems detect UV radiations emitted by the naked flames by gas, coal and oil fired burners. Very sensitive electronic UV tube is used to design UV flame sensors and is specially tuned to detect UV radiations emitted by naked flame. The sensor manufactured is very sensitive to normal light and refractory glow in the furnace walls. UV Sensor manufactured by Linear Systems is ideal for detecting different types of flame, such as flames generated from Gas, Coal or Oil fired burners in Boiler & Furnaces.

UV Sensor (Model UV - 01 -AJ) is specially designed for harsh industrial environment, provides good view of the flame and is easy to maintain. The sensor is enclosed in a metal jacket ensuring mechanical protection.

UV Flame Amplifier

The amplifier is used in conjunction with UV Flame Sensor and assists in detection of gas, oil, coal and other types of flames. The Amplifier is a standalone unit with Two Potential Free relay contact outputs. The outputs are rated at 230 V AC, 5 Amps. The front panel of the amplifier indicates SUPPLY ON and with turn 'on' as soon as the supply is given.

Ignition Transformer

Linear systems manufactures and exports ignition transformers of the following specifications:

Operating voltage – 230V (50Hz/60Hz)
Primary current – 0.22A
Ignition voltage generated – 2 x 7.5KV
Ignition frequency developed – 25Hz/30Hz
Duty cycle – 100%
Sparking distance – 1.5-3mm

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