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Incorporated in 1986, Erich Magnetics is an established manufacturer of magnetic separators, filters and lifters. For dedicated customer service and top notch quality products, we made a mark in the industry as a manufacturer of superior quality magnetic products. Today, we have greater market penetration and stronghold compared to the other players in the market. All this have become possible for our competency in the manufacturing and customer oriented business policy. Their range of products includes: Lifting Magnets, Magnetic Separators, Magnetic Filter, Demagnetizer, Magnetic Sweeper.

Lifting Magnets

Erich Magnetics manufactures a superior range of Lifting Magnets to its clients all over India. They provide various kinds of Lifting Magnets like Circular Lifting Magnets, Rectangular Lifting, Electro Lifting Magnets and Positions, Erich Permanent Lifting Magnets, Small Rectangular Electro Magnet, Small Permanent Circular Magnet. These Lifting Magnets are used to lift magnets to handle all kinds of steel, especially scrap, efficiently and inexpensively; in steel mills, ball mills. They can customise these Lifting Magnets as per the specifications of the clients. These Lifting Magnets can be used individually or in multiples with different types of suspension systems.

Magnetic Separators

Erich’s range of Magnetic Separators includes Electromagnetic Pulley, Permanent Magnetic Pulley, Electromagnetic Drums, Permanent Magnetic Drums, Electro suspension Magnets/Cross Belt separators, Permanent Suspended Magnets/Cross Belt separators, Permanent Magnetic Tubes & Grids, Permanent Plate Magnets. Erich magnetic pulley is a widely used type of magnetic separator for the efficient removal of tramp iron. Erich's suspended electromagnetic separators are designed to successfully remove damaging tramp metal from flow of coal, limestone, sand, gravel, wood products, recycled materials and almost any conveyed non-ferrous material. They can customise these as per the specifications of the clients.

Magnetic Filters For Liquids

Magnetic Filter offered by Erich Magnetics is of diverse range. The Magnetic Filter range includes Magnetic Ferrous Traps, Magnetic Coolant Cleaners, Magnetic Funnel Filters, and Magnetic Base & V Block. They can customise Magnetic Filter as per the specifications of the clients. The Magnetic Filter is used for liquid filtration and separation in pipe line. The Magnetic Filter trap catch the tramp Iron/fine iron contamination in a product and it flows through the processing line there by protecting product purity and preventing abrasive wear prevents pumps from jamming. They offer these Magnetic Filter at most affordable prices to its clients.

Industrial Demagnetizer

Erich Plate Type Demagnetizer is ideal for tool room use to effectively remove surface residual magnetism from High Speed Steel, Spring Steel, and Die Steel etc. To Demagnetize a workplace slide Demagnetizer slowly across the top plate at a low and constant speed or by moving it away from the center of the Tunnel where the filed at a maximum. Thick object may be De-magnetized by applying both ends to the Demagnetizer. Aperture / tunnel type Demagnetizer in suitable for Demagnetion of material of very small to very large Dimensions.

Floor Magnetic Sweepers

Magnetic Sweeper is used to clean tramp iron quickly, from factory aisles, machine shop, drive ways airports, parking lots, or any flat space, indoors or out. Magnetic Sweeper is light in weight, highly maneuverable and operates at normal walking speed. Easy to clean floor Magnetic Sweepers are available in 5 different sweeping width : 300 mm, 450 mm, 600 mm, 750 mm and 900mm, with floor cleaning 50 mm. Complete with handle and two rubber roller bearing wheels.

For Large scale application a range of permanent Magnetic Sweepers such as Trailers Models, Fork lift models and Heavy Duty Trailing models are available, Sweeping with from 1200 mm to 2400 mm.

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