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Category : Control and Instrumentation Systems Annunciators

Key Products : Browser based HMI SCADA Software, Real time Ethernet IO Modules, Ethernet IO Modules

Advantech Deploys 6 Growth Engines & Industrial-Grade Tablet AIM to Win Over Healthcare, Retail, Logistics Markets

Advantech (2395), a leading global provider of intelligent systems, has just kicked off its 2017 Service-IoT Worldwide Partner Conference. The latest application trends and insights showcased at the conference this year include entries in intelligent healthcare, intelligent retail, and logistics. Advantech is also presenting six growth engines for three business areas, as well as featuring Advantech Kostec, a South Korean medical display company. Additionally Advantech is unveiling its new industrial-grade AIM tablet, which Advantech developed in collaboration with AIMobile.

Embedded Linux & Android Alliance (ELAA)- Driving an open and unified standard architecture for embedded Linux and Android in the industrial embedded market

Embedded Linux & Android Alliance (ELAA)- Driving an open and unified standard architecture for embedded Linux and Android in the industrial embedded market

March 16, 2017, Nuremberg, Germany – At Embedded World 2017 today, Advantech (2395.TW), along with AIMobile, ArcherMind, Canonical, Lineo, Retronix, RTSoft, Timesys, ThunderSoft and Witekio, announced that they are forming the Embedded Linux & Android Alliance (ELAA). This industry alliance is committed to driving standardized board adoption of an open and unified architecture for embedded Linux and Android OS for industrial embedded and IoT application. By joining the ELAA, participants help advance industrial standards and the open-source community, which will empower Linux and Android adoption in embedded and industrial IoT applications.

Advantech Partners with Intel®, Microsoft, ARM and IBM to Process IoT Solutions from Device to Cloud

Global Intelligent Systems leader Advantech (2395.TW) today announced at its Embedded IoT Partner Summit that it is collaborating with Intel®, Microsoft, ARM, and IBM to create Internet of Things (IoT) solutions that cover the span from device to cloud services. During the Summit, which runs October 27 through 29, Advantech is showcasing the latest Embedded IoT solutions as well as demonstrating the industry 4.0 concept in its new IoT Campus manufacturing center.

Advantech Launches PCI Express Vision Card Portfolio with GigE Vision Support

Advantech Launches PCI Express Vision Card Portfolio with GigE Vision Support

GigE Vision® is a global camera interface standard developed using the Gigabit Ethernet communication protocol. GigE Vision allows for fast image transfer using low cost Ethernet cables over very long lengths. With GigE Vision, hardware and software from different vendors can interoperate seamlessly over GigE connections. The inclusion of this standard on this series of vision camera cards ensures that there is no frame and packet loss and provides reliable and robust image acquisition.

Advantech IoT Gateway Adopted To Demonstrate Optimization Of Shimane Fujitsu Production Process

Advantech, a global leader in embedded computing, is glad to announce the adoption of its IoT gateway, the UTX-3115, in a demonstration that visualizes the production process of the Japanese company Shimane Fujitsu Limited (Head office: Izumo, Shimane Prefecture, President and CEO: Ryuichi Usami, hereinafter: Shimane Fujitsu).

Advantech and IBM Japan announce partnership on offering IoT platforms and solutions

Advantech, a leading provider of industrial computing solutions and IBM Japan Ltd. ("IBM Japan") announced the two companies are collaborating to offer Internet of Things (IoT) solutions for smart manufacturing and other targeted markets.

The cooperation enables WISE-PaaS of Advantech, the global leader in the field of industrial computer, to partner with IBM’s SoftLayer cloud service and IBM® Bluemix platform. This creates a collaborative platform for users to develop and run IoT-related applications.

Inventec and Advantech Form Joint-Venture to Target the Industrial Mobile System Market

Inventec, a leading design and manufacturing service provider of notebook computers, servers, and mobile devices; and Advantech, a worldwide leader in Industrial Intelligent Systems, jointly announced on Mar. 22 that they will enter a strategic alliance agreement to form a new company, AIMobile Co. Ltd. Capital contributions to the joint venture will be in the form of cash with an anticipated total amount of NT$1,000 million.

Advantech, ARM, Bosch Sensortec, Sensirion, and Texas Instruments Cooperate for the M2.COM IoT Sensor Platform

Advantech (Taipei:2395), along with ARM, Bosch Sensortec, Sensirion and Texas Instruments (TI), today announced the collaboration of a new Internet of Things (IoT) sensor platform called M2.COM; to be unveiled at Embedded World 2016. The IoT era brings new opportunities to traditional industries and drives business evolution for the next-generation of products and services. To enable a diverse range of IoT applications, and to standardize different platforms and technologies, an open platform for IoT sensors and sensor nodes was established by sensor makers and module makers for more efficient IoT development. By joining M2.COM, participants will define and drive the leading platform to empower the Internet of Things.