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Key Products : Fluid Dispensing Systems, Machine Vision Inspection Systems, Leak Test Systems, Packaging and Palletising Systems, PixCells, SmartMove Transport System

Pixel Automation Pte Ltd is a Singapore based company with core business activities of building turnkey industrial automation systems for customers in Singapore and across the globe. We are specialized in designing and building customized automation solutions for various industries.

Our company has a proficient engineering and project management team that is capable of designing and building various automation solutions for the modern manufacturing plants. We provide total engineering solutions right from concept design, fabrication, programming to final installation and commissioning.

We have built our systems based on international standards and installed many industrial automation systems for a wide range of applications.

Pixel Automation is also the authorised exclusive agent of MGS Machine Corporation, USA and Sciemetric Instruments Inc., Canada in the Asia Pacific region. With this collaboration, Pixel Automation is able to provide highly specialized solutions to the customers by integrating state of the art technologies in their system and providing integration and service support from Singapore to the customers in the region at an affordable cost.

We have provided the customized solutions for various industrial applications.  Our company is strong at some core capability areas where fully automated high speed packaging, palletizing lines and special purpose leak test systems are two of such areas.

Our company has developed ‘PixCells’, an agile manufacturing cell concept. Further to the development of PixCells, we have also developed a novel ‘SmartMove’ transport system which is a smart transport system, with decentralised and distributed intelligence control with IoT carts.

Fluid Dispensing Systems

We provide Fluid Dispensing Systems to our clients across the globe.

Auto Potting Machine

Automated dispensing systems and transfer system are integrated with vision and laser inspection system.

Liquid Filling Systems

Custom designed liquid handling cart systems allows flexible lines with multiple product filling with fast change over times. These systems do not require purging and cleaning. Carts are equipped with full degassing, micro filtering and re-circulation capabilities. 

Machine Vision Inspection Systems

Precision Laser Measurement systems

Multipoint laser measurement system capable of 5micron accuracy

High Speed Vision Inspection

Stamping parts transfer system (from drier) integrated with stacking and singulating mechanisms to feed in single part for vision inspection and misting with oil, before stacking them in a sorting jig. 

Leak Test Systems

Leak Test Systems use Pressure decay leak test engine Sciemetric. They are suitable for containers, closed chambers of any volume. 

Packaging and Palletising Systems

We provide fully automated industrial packaging systems that are ideal for food, medical and other industrial applications.

High Speed Packaging Systems with Palletizing

High Speed packaging lines integrated with Cartoning/ Flow wrap/ Blister pack etc. to meet most industry packaging requirements. 


This cell manufacturing concept integrates highly flexible and re–usable manufacturing cells, versatile product handling robotics and intelligent transport mechanism with full Internet of Things (IOT) capability.

With ever reducing Time-to-Market and product life, agile manufacturing cells that are multi product capable with Rapid Change Over (RCO) concept and re-usable hardware provides a unique manufacturing platform. 

Our cells revolutionary, scalable design make it suitable for “farm” based manufacturing plant with no restrictions on sequential placement of the machines on the one hand and make it particularly suitable for low volume-high mix, as well as high volume-low mix product manufacturing requirements on the other hand. Our modules are designed based on distributed intelligence concept with full IOT capability to provide product traceability. This module level intelligence makes it an ideal candidate for Industry 4.0 manufacturing approach.

SmartMove© Transport System

The SmartMove© transport system enables smart product handling for next generation manufacturing automation. It can easily link up any manual and automated process modules while providing easy setup and maintaining accessibility. Single lot size processing is possible without any modifications to existing machines.

SmartMove© Transport System features include: 

  • Modular and scalable transport mechanism
  • IOT pallet with indoor positioning
  • Decentralized and distributed intelligent control
  • Built-in data traceability
  • Multi product and single lot size capability
  • Lean design as stoppers and sensors not required

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