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Lants Teknik AB develops machines, production and quality systems for customer's high production demand. The company has vast experience with mechanical designs, hydraulics, pneumatics, control systems and production of machines. The company also develops all the necessary software and has a very user friendly and powerful standard concept to offer.

Assembly Machines

Lantz assembles the right components in the right way to be able to supply an error free assembly machines to their customers. The company has vast experience in different production techniques and design of assembly machines. High tech facilities are available for assembly machines right from CAD system to the finished machine.

Quality and an extensive verification system for assembly machines, detailed information and good ergonomics are keywords for its success. Customers who choose Lantz assembly machines continue to work with the company and as a result, expand their business. Lantz ensures complete verification of assembly machines components before, during and after the assembly cycle. Vision system constantly verifies the measurement and dimensions of the assembled products in the assembly machines, by taking pictures.

The standard assembly machines from Lantz have frames with variable height, lockable wheels, illumination, pneumatic system and a Lantz control system. The operating system for assembly machines is Windows Embedded and an industrial PC with flash memory instead of a hard drive is used.

Machine for Pressure Testing

Machines for pressure testing and washing from Lantz are widely used across the industry. The company has long experience in pressure testing and washing as well as leak testing and cleanliness. During pressure testing and washing, it's important that the pressure drop is in the test object and not in the machine. Lantz developed a system of sandwich valves and pressure transformers needed in pressure testing and washing. The company has pioneered the use of servo hydraulics to generate test pressure for pressure testing and washing. It costs more than pneumatic intensifiers but the advantages are significant.

Machines for pressure testing and washing are produced in non corrosive materials. A fully equipped machine for pressure testing and washing allows flow and volume expansion measuring. Oil or water based test liquid can be used in these machines of pressure testing and washing.

Pressure Testing and Washing

Crimping machines for hose assemblies have open-able crimp heads. The crimping machines for hose assemblies are the company's main product since many years. It's one of the smallest crimping machines in the market available. These crimping machines have only 75 mm from crimp centre to the front of the crimp head. Thus it is possible to crimp many tubes with a close bend and avoid an extra bend operation after, with the Lantz crimping machines.

The crimping machines have adjustable working height, illumination, light curtain safety guard and Lantz PC based control system. These crimping machines can be easily moved with a hand operated fork lift.

The company has the ability to supply the crimping machines with Lantz SFM, an advanced quality and assembly system that verify the tube insertion cycle. The system verifies that the hose end has bottomed out in the socket before crimping in the crimping machines.

Tube Feeding Equipment

The company produces tube feeding equipment according to customers' requirements and their standards.

Tube feeding equipment ML20-10-32 can feed tubes 10 - 32 mm, length 200-2,000 mm. The tube feeding equipment has connect to air (6 bar) and 1x230V and requires 50/60 Hz power. Isolated relay of I/O's is required by tube feeding equipment for robot connection. Emergency circuit of tube feeding equipment shall be controlled from the connected machine.

Tube feeding equipment M2L200-10-16 feed tubes from two different levels. This tube feeding equipment provides greater flexibility in production. The connect of this tube feeding equipment is same as above.

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