Valves Actuators and Positioners

Valves serve the purpose of being gateways that bypass, open, close or impede the passage channels for the ebb and flow of fluidic substances (gases, liquids, liquidized solids or slurries). In order to automate these valves and their functions, Actuators are created. These perform the function of mechanizing industrial valves and in turn regulating the process control. Ubiquitous in a multitude of technical process plants, waste water treatment plants and refineries, Actuators can work on valves which differ in design or dimension.


Valve positioners grant the assurance of a valve’s opening at the requisite position by reading a command and verifying the position of the valve before readjusting it to the desired placement. Valve Positioners are extremely versatile in their application across numerous industries like transport, aeronautical, space vehicles, medical, pharmaceuticals and food & beverage.



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