Knife Gate Valves, Type A

The A model knife gate is an uni-directional wafer valve designed for general industrial service applications. The design of the body and seat assures  non-clogging shut off on suspended solids in industries such as:Pulp and Paper, Power plants, Wastewater treatment plants, Chemical plants, Food and Beverage Bulkhandling, Mining etc.

Air operated Pinch Valves type VMC

The new aseptic Pinch Valve series VMC is an impressive model with its hygienic  design. This flexible modular system has excellent cleanability, as well as the advantage of a long lifetime of the Pinch Valve sleeve.

The AKOs Pressure Relief Valves

The Pressure relief valve comprise a combination of an overflow unit of either type LV (control air available) or alternatively of type LNV (control air not available), as well as a pneumatic pinch valve from the VF or VMC series.

The Dynamic Pipe Manometer

AKO Armaturen & Separationstechnik GmbH’s Pipe Manometer model RDM is available in the nominal diameters DN025, DN032 and DN050.


The AKOs Aerator Pads

Aerator pads, also known as vibrator cones, flow pads, and aerators, are used to help the flow of discharging bulk products from silos, hoppers, chutes, bins and road tankers.