Calibrated, Precise Humidity Sensor With I2C Interface

Although relative humidity is a frequently measured parameter, the long-term stable, precise measurement with a capacitive polymer sensor results into some expenses. First of all, the technological conversion of the series calibration is not simple. From the developer point of view, the most preferable one to use is the complete sensor system, duly calibrated and fitted with a digital interface, which can provide fully processed measured values. In the following article, such a combined Humidity and Temperature sensor has been described, which offers an optimum overall performance at an outstanding price performance ratio based on a new solution concept.
Simple applications in the area of building technology, household appliances and also in the area of air-conditioning systems, it is necessary that stringent requirements are put forward for a humidity sensor. For example, from a customer point of view, even a room air-conditioner has to also perform reliably for period of 10 years. For many applications, apart from relative humidity, the temperature also needs to be measured in order to compute further humidity parameters like Dew point or the Absolute humidity. At the same time, there are also price restrictions to consider so that the sensor can be used in a new product design, especially if it is with respect to a secondary measurement parameter.