Power over Ethernert

Korenix, the global market leader in industrial PoE, dedicates on offering the total solution of industrial networking and computing devices that is reliable, rugged, user-friendly, and cost-effective. Product lines include industrial Ethernet switches, communication computers, intelligent I/O servers, serial device servers, media converters, serial cards, and especially the global exclusive industrial PoE solutions. Korenix's core superiority is the know-how on industrial technologies and the openness toward innovation. Its strategy for establishing trustworthy and win-win partnership with business alliances creates you the greatest value and benefit. 

IEEE 802.3at PoE+ White paper

PoE is an evolving technology designed to simultaneously provide power and data connectivity over existing Ethernet cable, eliminating the need for running separate and expensive power cables, AC electrical outlets, etc. By removing the power cords and the power infrastructure, this technology greatly simplifies
the wiring and deployment matters and brings lots of convenience and benefits in home, office and industrial environments.

JetView Pro – Korenix NMS White Paper

As network infrastructures become more complex in industrial applications, the risk of system failure and data loss also grows. A proactive network monitoring approach is necessary for system operators, as it will help them to be more responsive in tracking problems before they escalate into major crises. With its simplicity and usability, a management system becomes an indispensable tool when building large network systems. However, management is no longer limited to the routine maintenance of software and hardware, as users' expectations in terms of network service reliability and quality increase. Therefore, a reliable and highly effective NMS must be implemented in order to provide real-time and optimized remote network control.

Ensuring Network Reliability and Quality for IP Surveillance

Korenix MSR: The Most Reliable and High Quality IP Surveillance Network
Along with the emerging market of IP surveillance, network plays increasingly important role in a video surveillance system. The network in its turn, determines the reliability and quality of video delivery. This paper describes the importance of network redundancy for IP surveillance network. It gives a clear idea of how Korenix patented MSR redundancy technology outstands from other protocols and describes all the exceptional benefits that it can give to the IP surveillance system.