What distinguishes a true industrial computer?

Industry and private users have fundamentally different requirements when it comes to computers. A long service life, resilience, and long-term availability are the most important requirements for industry use. But many computers advertised to be suitable for industry application fail to meet these requirements. The current White Paper highlights the distinctive features of true industrial computers.

Guidelines for the creation of a correct image

The data of a storage medium, such as a flash memory, can easily be saved in a file by using software. This is called an image or data carrier image.

An image (data carrier image) is a one-to-one copy of one or more partitions of the storage medium used. The operating system, programs and data, including their position, are saved on a data carrier. If the image is copied from the data carrier to another storage medium, it results in an exact image, bit for bit identical to the original.

Rugged Computer: the one for the rough stuff

The Rugged Computer RPC Compact 71 pushes the Embedded Specialist Syslogic into entirely new business spheres. This Rugged Computer is protected to category IP67; it has a fully enclosed housing, as well as the matching M12 plug connectors. The RPC Compact 71, in combination with its robust electronics, is almost indestructible.