Experts in Weighing since 1969

Since the foundation in 1969, the Eilersen companies in Denmark and Switzerland have been dedicated to the development, manufacture and supply of high quality robust industrial sensors based on a capacitive measurement

Digital LCD Weighing Terminal - Type 5024G

Digital LCD Weighing Terminal is a fully digital OIML certified weighing terminal type 5024G with alibi memory and software for standard weighing applications. It has a digital signal processor for displaying and processing the data from the Eilersen range of digital load cells. It also has a durable capacitive touch keyboard

EtherNet/IP Module - Type 4X50A

The ATEX Ethernet/IP Interface module type 4X50A is ATEX certified (zone 1, 2, 21, 22) and can be used for directly interfacing up to four digital ATEX load cells via EtherNet/IP interface. The interface module type 4X50A can also be used in non-ATEX installations

Digital Compression Load Cell - Type DL

The ATEX compression load cell type DLA is a robust digital ATEX certified compression load cell that is produced in stainless steel and hermetically sealed to IP68 for hygienic weighing installations, installations in tough environments and general process weighing. The DLA compression load cell can be used in ATEX (Ex) and non-ATEX applications.

Digital Single Point Load Cell - Type SPSX

The single point load cell type SPSX is a robust digital single point load cell produced in stainless steel and hermetically sealed to IP69K. The main applications are graders, multihead weighers, checkweighers, filling machines, belt scales, platform scales, bench scales etc. ATEX (Ex) approved versions are available too.

Digital Beam Load Cell – Type SD

The beam load cell type SD is a robust digital OIML certified beam load cell for dynamic weighing, process weighing and general industrial weighing. Application examples are belt scales, platform scales, small vessels, filling machines, process equipment etc. It is OIML certified (up to C6, MI10) according to OIML R60.