Electronic pressure gauges for areas subject to explosion hazards (EX areas)

Keller AG für Druckmesstechnik has introduced no less than five intrinsically safe electronic pressure gauges for use in
areas subject to gas explosion risks. The type approvals are compliant with the ATEX Explosion Protection Directive regarding explosive gases. The electronic design of these devices is trimmed to minimise energy consumption, so it is also possible to replace the batteries inside areas with explosion risks.

Range of pressure transmitters for use in hazardous areas / Pressure transmitters for gas and dust atmospheres

Keller AG has now introduced a complete range of pressure transmitters for use in hazardous areas. These intrinsically safe transmitters offer measurement ranges of between 0,2 bar and 1000 bar, so they can be used for measurements of all types in areas subject to explosion hazards in Group II (Gas), and as per the relevant ATEX Directive. Individual types from the product range are also approved for Group I (Mining) respectively Group II (Dust).

Filling Contents in Tanks

Castello offers a user-friendly way to represent the pressure measurement at the bottom of a tank as the quantity of remaining liquid. At the push of a button, the microprocessor performs the calculations using the information of the tank
shape and dimensions and displays the remaining tank content quantity on the clearly legible 5-digit LED display in the desired unit (litres,gallons etc.). The easy to use software to configure Castello is free of charge. It contains the most current tank shapes. Other tank shapes can be easily integrated at the factory.

DCX Data loggers for hydrostatic level measurements

Keller AG für Druckmesstechnik offers probes to monitor groundwater levels and filling levels in tanks that can be used under a wide range of conditions. Depending on requirements, these probes provide fully autonomous operation or they can be used with an integrated data logger, wireless transmission (GSM), an ambient pressure-compensating capillary or a separate absolute pressure sensor; additional options include integrated temperature measurement, etc. Depending on the sounding tube, probe diameters of 16 mm and 18 mm up to 22 mm are available.

Data logger measures level, conductivity and temperature

With the new CTD (conductivity, temperature, depth) versions of the high-precision DCX level data loggers for depths
of up to 200 m, KELLER AG offers a highly integrated, complete pressure measurement solution for water management. This data logger for long-term monitoring stores over 50’000 time-stamped level measurements, as well as the associated conductivity and temperature readings in each case. The multi-purpose probes have a diameter of 22 mm, making them suitable for all sounding tubes with a nominal diameter of 1” or greater.

Digital pressure gauge for refrigeration performance monitoring

The exact vapor pressure curves of five different refrigerants are stored in the dV-2 Cool digital pressure gauges manufactured by Keller AG. This enables the prevailing cooling temperatures in closed cooling circuits to be derived and displayed by the integrated microprocessor.