Modular Area View Kit allows OEMs fast setup of test systems

First Sensor presents a modular Area View Kit (AVK) for the setup of 360° all-round view systems for applications in special vehicles and machines. The Area View Kit allows solution providers, integrators and OEMs to quickly and easily build up, develop, and test a demo system. Therefore, it accelerates the development process and minimizes technology risks. The kit consists of four digital HDR-CMOS cameras with a range of accessories for mounting on the vehicle or on a metal plate for desktop applications. The AVK software stitches the images of the individual cameras together to form a virtual overall picture and allows the programming of arbitrary viewing angles and zoom functions.

Tailored Solutions from First Sensor

First Sensor offers its customers a continuous process in order to realize their optimum sensor solution - from the initial idea to the finished product. Tailored Solutions means for us: we analyze the specific task of the customer, plan, develop and manage its entire sensor solution. This may consist of a standard sensor, a modification thereof or a custom development. First Sensor has many years of application and technology experience as a strategic partner in international development projects in industrial, medical and mobility markets.

Series 9.5 APDs with enhanced NIR sensitivity up to 950 nm

The new Series 9.5 avalanche photodiodes from First Sensor feature an increased sensitivity in the near infrared (NIR) wavelength range up to 950 nm. Due to its fast rise time and very low dark current the photodiodes are ideal for applications with low light intensities and high modulation frequencies such as laser rangefinding and laser scanning. The slow increase of the amplification with the applied reverse bias voltage of the Series 9.5 allows for easy and precise adjustments of high gain factors.

Manifold mountable ultra-low differential pressure sensors

First Sensor presents a new miniature manifold mountable version of its ultra-low differential pressure sensors with measuring ranges from 25 to 500 Pa (0.1 to 2 inH2O) Full Scale. The low profile sensors of the LME series feature a total height of only 9 mm including pressure ports and allow for flexible direct manifold assemblies. Further, the devices are highly versatile to fit to custom adaptors for application-specific mounting requirements e.g. in the HVAC industry.

Solid-state silicon photomultipliers offer performance and application advantages

First Sensor extends its range of optical sensors with innovative solid-state silicon photomultipliers (SiPMs) for the detection of ultra-low light levels down to single photons. Compared to conventional photomultiplier tubes, SiPMs offer significant advantages such as low operating voltage, excellent temperature stability, immunity to magnetic fields and a much smaller size for easy system integration. The detectors are optimized for near ultraviolet (Series SiPM-NUV) or red, green and blue (Series SiPM-RGB) light detection with peak sensitivities at 420 nm or 550 nm.

Stand-alone HDR-CMOS cameras with internal data evaluation

First Sensor presents the new digital megapixel cameras of the Blue Raven line. The stand-alone HDR CMOS cameras feature a powerful digital signal processor (DSP) and internal memory which enables the processing and evaluation of the images inside the device through complex software algorithms. Possible methods include lens distortion correction, digital pan–tilt–zoom (ePTZ), privat zones, motion tracking, dual stream and the fusion of the images with other sensor signals such as radar. Further, it is possible not to forward the images themselves but only the obtained information from their evaluation in order to reduce the amount of transferred data. A digital Ethernet interface allows custom specific programming of the Blue Raven cameras.

Precision inertial MEMS sensors offer ultra-high resolution

First Sensor presents a new technology platform to fabricate high precision MEMS inertial sensors for the detection of inclination, acceleration and vibration. The capacitive sensors are based on single crystal silicon and utilize the latest micromachining technology. The devices achieve large signal-to-noise ratios and excellent stability over temperature which allows them to detect smallest changes in acceleration or inclination. Due to high aspect ratio microstructures (HARMS) the sensors feature ultra-low cross axis sensitivities. Further, the patented highly flexible AIM (Air gap Insulated Microstructures) technology minimizes parasitic capacitances.

Ultra-flat chip-scale package photodiodes for scanner systems

First Sensor presents the new X7 PIN photodiodes for the detection of ionizing radiation in container and baggage scanner OEM applications. The photodiodes are optimized for scintillator luminescence detection in the visible wavelength range.

The X7 photodiodes feature an ultra-flat chip-scale package (CSP) with a footprint nearly the same size as the actual semiconductor die. The chip is mounted on the carrier with its active area and electrical contacts facing down, using the latest flip-chip technology.

Optical oxygen sensors offer long lifetime and high stability

First Sensor presents the new fluorescence-based optical oxygen sensors of the XYO series. The highly accurate sensors measure ambient oxygen partial pressure (ppO2) from 0…300 mbar. With an optional integrated pressure sensor the XYO devices can convert the ppO2 reading to an oxygen concentration (%O2). Due to the non-depleting sensing principle the optical XYO series provides a much longer lifetime compared to electrochemical oxygen sensors. Further, the fully compensated sensors are highly stable in respect to temperature or barometric pressure changes.

First Sensor introduces Product Innovation: Module for Radiation Detection

First Sensor AG is expanding its product range in the area of ionizing radiation detection with a radiation detection module that combines a 100 mm² photodiode with an 8 mm CsI:Tl scintillator. The module measures only 17x16x19 mm, detects gamma radiation in the energy range of 150 to 1,500 keV and is optimized for detection of 137Cs. The pulse output allows for very simple integration in instruments used to measure gamma radiation.

New Amplifier Hybrids with APD for 600-800 nm

First Sensor develops and manufactures Hybrids as high speed optical data receivers for a long time and has gained many years of experience and know-how. Our hybrids incorporate an internal transimpendance amplifier with a PIN or an avalanche photodiode. The amplifier is always adapted to the specific strength of the detector.

Miniature pressure sensors with increased media compatibility and digital I²C bus interface

First Sensor presents the new digital Sensortechnics HMI pressure sensors with I²C bus interface. The piezoresistive sensors measure differential and gage pressures from 100 mbar up to 10 bar full scale. Due to a special internal construction the HMI sensors achieve increased media compatibility on one pressure port to measure liquids and gases.

New benchmarks in light detection - First Sensor presents high-performance APD development module

First Sensor presents the further development of its APD module, at the heart of which a low-noise Si Avalanche photodiode with a pre-amplifier and integrated voltage supply is to be found. The module also compensates for the temperature so that operation at a constant amplification with ultra-high reliability across a wide temperature range is possible.